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I had my first baby in May 2011 - desperate to start ttc again, however it seems i'm still waiting for the 'right time' keep pushing the ttc date back however fingers crossed we may start in Dec / Jan time. When deciding to ttc my daughter we kept waiting for the right time and finally decided that there never really was a right time and went for it, i can see us heading that way once more!

Anyone else planning on ttc at the end of the year? xx


  • Hey ya, didnt wanna R&R, were gonna start trying as soon as we get back off our holiday on 11th sept, (our 2 year wedding anniv) image

    Ive been taking pregnacare tabs for a month now so will have been taking then nearly 3 months when we try. On that day back from hol is the first day of my week off from the pill so will just go for it from that day. Having been on the pill for 10 years (without a break) i havent a clue what my ovulation is gonna be like as my periods were so unpredicable and horrible beforehand. i think for the first 6 months we will just go for it, then after then will start using ovulation kits if we need too.  Am not gonna worry about it yet although am really hoping it doesnt take too long to get our BFP. OH is such a pessamist so might keep me sane minded so i dont get my hopes up lol

    Good luck to us all and shall have to keep each other motivated and sprinkled with baby dust!!


  • We are gonna be trying for a baby in the next few weeks eeek and im also wary about what my periods will be like as have also been on the pill for that sort of time without a break. I used to have the odd month without a period so hope its not like that again.

  • I remember you from last time Hun, I was lady2188 back when ttc and I was in the due in march 11 forum! We're getting married in Jan so probably start ttc Nov. I'm gonna start taking pregnacare again next month I think. If it weren't for my wedding I'd start ttc now! I'm so broody!! Xx
  • ooohhh we should all keep each other up to date! ive been skulking on here since i found out about this website from YAYW and then got really into looking into the posts recently when we decided.... this it is lol im really looking forward to my holiday in 5 weeks but am also really looking forward to being back and start baby making! lol

  • my little boy is turning one on saturday and im so broody again! we will prolly start ttc number 2 early next year, probably around march as we have a big holiday planned in march and dont want any complications when we go. although having said that we were in the exact same boat last time round and i went on the trip 15 weeks pregnant lol. we were headed to south africa in jan/feb and were planning on ttc while away but a spur or the moment 'lets just see what happens' night in november resulted in our little boy. so who knows, maybe ill be headed back to south africa pregnant again this time round too hehe image

  • Hello,

    Our LO is 1 in two weeks & I can't wait to be pregnant again. I've stopped taking pill 3 weeks ago with view to getting cycle back to normal & seeing if periods return as breastfeeding 1-2 times a day still. I am ovulation testing on alternate days just to see if am ovulating really & meanwhile we are not using contraception. Not expecting quick conception though so just want to go with it despite broodiness!!

    Linds image

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