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Bit concerned....

I have got just over a week left of my pill then im coming off and we are gonna be ttc pretty much straight away. Having been with my hubby almost 11 years and married for 5 i have been broody for ages (as in years) but it has been put off and put off mainly by hubby due to practical reasons (financial etc). Finally decided we would do it this year (I really wanted to last year but we both decided to put it off til this year). Anyway I'm just a bit concerned that even now hubby doesnt seem overly bothered/happy/excited about the idea. I tried to have a chat with him earlier as to whether he was ok about me coming off my pill but he didnt have much to say at all apart from to say 'men react/think differently' as in men dont make a fuss or get overly excited.

Im sure when i am pregnant he will be happy and caring etc but dissapoints me really thats hes not a bit more enthusiastic. Anyone else in/been in a similar situation? x


  • Sadly it's true what he says, men react differently.  He'll be anxious about being the main provider for your family, he'll worry about finding the extra space for your new addition along with clothing them/feeding them & keeping them safe in your home.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that they don't want children & won't be thrilled to hold their new baby for the first time, until baby is here though all they think about largely is how an extra person in their home will affect the bank balance.  Sadly the answer is there will never be a 'right time' to have children & you won't know those answers until you actually have the baby.

    Throughout your pregnancy your OH will likely feel a mix of excitement & fear, the 'I'm going to be a new dad' hits home with both emotions.  He will feel those heartstrings when seeing your scan pics, even more so the moment he is handed baby for the first time.  Don't worry, you'll share the rollercoaster ride soon enough once you get your BFP & realise 'I'm going to be a new mum', meantime enjoy TTC.  Best wishes. x

  • Thank you for reassuring me, i can accept it if most men are the same i was just starting to wonder if something was wrong. Think you are right about the worry about being the main 'breadwinner' my friend suggested that too and i hadnt thought of it like that im sure he will be over the moon when the time comes though x


  • With my first baby my hubby never really got excited about trying, we just agreed it was time and got on with it. He didn't really believe I was pregnant until he saw the little thing on the scan - then he went mad buying things for him! Not long after Ryan was born my hubby remarked that we should have had him earlier!

    I'm sure he will change once it's all actually happening.

    Good luck!


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