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Affects from pill or am I pregnant?

Hi. Wondered if someone could please help at all? I had been taking the mini pill for approx 3 months but started missing days (me and my partner both want another baby but I started missing taking my pill sometimes a few days in a row but 4 weeks ago me and my fiance had sex and he didnt withdraw and wasnt wearing a condom) ... I came off the pill about 5 weeks ago now ... My period should have come a few days ago but all I have had over the past 2 days is very light bleeding (sometimes pinkish sometimes brownish in colour) and lots of mucus discharge (which really isnt normal for me before AF, I only had this discharge in the last few weeks of being pregnant with my son) ... Do you think all this could be my body getting the pill out of my system or could it be implantation bleeding?
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