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Hello Apple, I still check in from time to time on this thread to see how everyone is doing and Ive not seen you on here for a while.  Hope you're ok xxxx



  • Hope you are doing well apple....xx
  • Hello ladies - thanks for looking out for me! 

    Poppy - how are you keeping? How are things going? Do give us an update.

    Tashelby - got your message sweetie - thank you for thinking of me and for the St Gerard information. 

    AFM - I am plodding on with all the drugs since my surprise BFP two weeks ago, but don't feel like it will last. You should see my bruises from the injections! TMI alert - Had a pink splodge today, so not sure whether its the start of something, or something innocuous. I can't change the outcome - whatever it will be will be and given this is my fifth, I actually feel surprisingly quite calm. The cramping seems to have settled to more an ache, but this happened last time and then it came back with a vengence. My appointment now that I am pregnant at the recurrent miscarriage clinic is next Thursday so I dont know whether to bother going for a scan before or not - I am just fed up of never coming out of a scan room with good news after 7 weeks.

    I feel lucky to have lovely ladies like you guys looking out for me.....and I don't say it enough, but thank you all.

    Hope you are all well adn enjoying the olympics.....

    Love apple x

  • You are an inspiration pet!!!! You have given so much to others here over the last couple of years, there are many of us who are hoping and praying for you.

    Loads of love Tracy xxxxxxxx
  • oooh apple . I came on here to see if you had been on too. A bfp is great news though . Really really hope this is sticky bean for you. You def are an inspiration and so much support to ladies on here . This forum has been saviour to me losing my little one last year and helping me cope with anxiety of being pregnant again , when you worry every day history may repeat,


    sending Positive thoughts for you xx

  • Great to hear from you Apple and Im so pleased about your bfp.  I know you'll be feeling nervous and thats understandable so Im hoping and praying that its fifith time lucky and this is a sticky bean, as you deserve it so much.  You've been such a fab support for lots of ladies and we're all right there with you on your journey xxx  Im fine thanks was due yesterday so just waiting now for my little one to make an appearance, I'll let you know. I don't know why Im typing in itallics I can't turn it off ha ha

    Lots of luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hey apple.....just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. Please drop me a line by whatever means to let me know your ok xxxx
  • Evening ladies

    Tracy - am hanging in there, but things not looking that great still. Had a bad night with pain, My temp bombed out yesterday and I also had some brown sludge (sorry about the TMI) so I took myself off to the epu just to see whether they could see anything. They can see a sack and yolk sac, but no heart beat although they said it looked more like 5.5 weeks rather than the 6 which I am technically by LMP. I have to say as my cycles have been long since the last mc (typically 32-34 days) the scan may actually be correct as they date based on a 28 day cycle - which clearly I am not. I go back on the 23rd for a repeat scan (if nothing happens in the mean time).....not a great day for me as that is actually the due date for my fourth bean that I lost in January.

    Any news from poppy - has the little one appeared yet????

    Mrsdaisy - many thanks for your kind thoughts, much appreciated and hope you are keeping well?

    Apple x

  • hi apple not been on here for some time i was so plessed to see you had a bfp im keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you hope you have that happy ending you well and trueley dersirve take care.xxxxxxx

  • Poppy is overdue word as yet but will keep you posted. You hang in there...we are all wishing you the best xxxxx
  • don't come on here often so just wanted to say i have everything crossed fro you apple.  if anyone deserves a positive outcome its you.  i'll keep an eye out fro your updates lovely xxx

  • Oh my god Apple!

    I have missed all of this! I hope you are doing ok!!!!?

    How are you feeling today?


  • Apple hows things hope you're ok?  Im still here 41 weeks today the baby is obviously too comfy!  I'll let you know x

  • ladies, ladies, ladies

    Thank you all for looking out for me - am so grateful for the support and for the friends I have met on this forum over the years.

    I was seen at the miscarriage clinic today (given my BFP) and I had expected a bit of a chat about how they would plan on managing me.......and got nothing of the sort. The consultant spent most of the time telling me I am old, high risk of mc (yeah tell me something I don't already know) and talking about whether I had considered using donor eggs and telling me about a private IVF place nearby. Whilst I appreciate his candor and yes, this is a huge risky pregnancy, I avae to say I was very disappointed that the bias was all about the next time and using donor eggs. I felt like crying when I left. It felt like he had written it off.

    Whilst I am not holding out huge hope, I cant really do anything at the moment as its too soon to tell if my little pip is going to hang around or not. All I can do is take my drugs and see what happens. No more brown stuff though and the painful cramps seem to be settling......not sure whether thats good or not. So if I am honest girls I feel miserable and wished I had never gone for the appointment. To make it even nicer the clinic was running an hour late (despite me being the 2nd patient) and then I had to wait another 45 mins to get my injections.

    Speccles - miss chatting how are you honey? are you having a bit of a time out or are you just plodding on quietly? Let me know how you are.

    Poppy - get eating some spicy food and do some exercise and have a BD (if you can face it) that little one is getting lazy!!!

    Vixv - helloooooooo! How are you? Hope you are doing well

    Jay79 - what are you up to? How are things?

    Tracy - hows you and bumpette? Any futher forward on names in the running?

    Have a good evening all - I am off to eat some chocolate and be quietly miserable....

    Apple x

  • Oh that's so awful. Let's hope you prove him wroig and don't need any of that! We've been having a bit of time out and I'm losing weight! Lost another pound this week so ten and a half in total! Getting ready for trying again though and have progesterone peasaries to try this time am due to ov Tuesday so will get on it and see what happens. Hope everything works out for you apple I really do xxx
  • Remember that this isn't over! Do you have another scan scheduled at the epu? It's harder for us but not impossible pet! We are all hoping for the best on your behalf. We are not giving up!!!!! Lots of love to you apple. Xxxxxxx
  • Aw what a horrible man fancy treating you like that.  As the others say lets hope you prove him wrong.  Got everything crossed for you.  Remember its only statistics about age I know lots of women who have babies later on!  Im 38 for a start!  Aw will be thinking of you and hope the time goes fast to your next scan xxxx

    Speccles well done on the weight loss!  Good luck when you start trying again xxxxx

  • Hey!

    Sorry to hear you are having a tough time of it! What a moron!

    Am good thanks, 36 weeks monday and hopefully moving house in a few weeks so its all a bit busy................


  • aww apple . Sorry you feeling so down. can't believe that awful man!!! They have no idea of how to deal with emtions all techinical them to them but I agree my friend just started trying at 37 and would like at least two children. 

    Really hope things go well for you, you deserve this so much. 

    lots of sticky baby dust xx

  • Hello ladies

    Thanks again for all of your kind words. I agree - I was taken aback by the conversation. I realise he was just trying to be realistic, but feel he could have been kinder in celebrating where we are at least even though I am by no means out of the woods. If I had been him, I would have kept the donor egg discussion till after it had failed.

    Anyhow, Vixv - wow you are not doing things by halves are you? 36 weeks and moving home!! I hope you have got help to move and are not taking the strain on yourselves? Make sure you are getting some rest my old cycle buddy!

    Mrsdaisy - thank you honey. I know - many of my friends ahve just had babies or are pregnant and they are all inthe 38-42 age bracket. Good luck to your mate - 37 is not too bad - I have 6 years on her but then I have been trying since I was 39....

    Speccles - wow - that weight loss is fabulous, you must be so proud and thrilled. What have you been doing? Are you doing slimming world or WW? Word of advice re the progesterone, make sure you have old undies to hand as it ruins your underwear even with protection! I thinkI am keeping M&S in business the amount of undies I am going through.

    Tracy - I know us older ladies do prove the docs wrong, but somehow it never feels like it will be me. I celebrate each person like you who has that success as at least I know good things can happen. I have another scan at the epu on Thursday (23rd) - that would be me just around 7 weeks and a couple of days. I think Sean is coming with me, as I don't really want to be alone for bad news. I always get a HB remember at 6 to 6.5 weeks and then it dies by 7 based on all of the others, so am dreading the day we go......compounded by the fact that it would have been my due date for number four. I am not really cramping anymore and feel like this won't be good news as I don't seem to be getting any stretching pains like everyone else seems to talk about. I know I cannot do anything to change the outcome which is what is so frustrating, but I have to accept what will be will be. 

    Poppy - lovely to hear from you. I hope you are busy and not still waiting at the looking forward to hearing your BA.

    Best I get on girls - but wanted to say a big hello to you all.

    Apple xxximage

  • I'm saying a wee prayer for you every day xxxxx
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