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Who is TTC in 2013??

I was just wondering who is planning on ttc in 2013??  I know it's a way off but me and my husband are planning on starting in around July 2013, after his tour of afghan whilst we are on holiday.  I'm coming off my pill in September to give my body plenty of time to get it out of my system as I am on dianette and have heard many horror stories about it!  The plan is, if i come off it in September I will have 7 months without the need for any contraception as hubby will be away. 

I was just wondering if there is anyone else who will be ttc around the same time and what, if anything you are doing to prepare? 

I have joined slimming world as i'd like to lose 2 stone before falling pg.  I'm a size 12 at the moment but after a lovely holiday last month everything is starting to feel a little bit too tight!  I figure if I can lose 2 stone before falling pg, i can afford to put 2 stone back on during th pg. 

I will also be starting folic acid and multi vits in Sept/October.

I'm getting terribly broody and keep thinking non-stop about babies so it would be nice to have others to chat too rather than driving myself mad lol.




  • Hi MrsB,

    im 25 so around your age.  My husband and i have just decided to start ttc now, am soooo excited! image i have just come off of dianette too! have been on it for years! so as soon as my cycles return to normal it shall be all systems go!

    i have started taking folic acid and vitamin d3 and just exercising and eating healthily which should boost my chances of ttc.

    i came off of dianette about 8 months ago for 6 months then about 2 months ago i went back on it (silly) then my husband and i have now decided to ttc i have come off of it again lol.

    hope all is well with you, its very exciting times image xxx

  • Eeekkk that's v exciting!! How was ur skin when u came off dianette? Mine was terrible before I started that around 8 years ago. My dr has prescribed some milder acne treatment to start as soon as I come off dianette but I'll have to stop them when we do start TTC. If my skin pre-dianette is anything to go by I'll never fall pg as my hubby won't want to come near me lol.

    What is vitamin d3?x
  • yes very exciting image skin, to be honest at first it was fine and i thought oooh this is great! then after about 3 months it became oiler and then after 6 months i was getting the odd spot return again (but nothing like before i went on it).  this time, my skin has just been a bit oilier but thats all so im OK with it!

    i think were a bit older now so your hormones will be more settled, and the dianette definately does stabalise them! so fingers crossed you shall be OK!

    vitamin d3 is basically what you get from the sun and helps the production of things like skin nails hair etc Vitamin D helps you to regulate the levels of calcium in your body. You need calcium and phosphate to keep your bones and teeth healthy.
    Vitamin D can also help you to fight infections, and may even reduce your risk of getting some cancers, diabetes and multiple sclerosis If you don't get enough vitamin D when you're pregnant or breastfeeding it can prevent your baby absorbing calcium properly. A lack of calcium can cause him to develop weak teeth and definately an important one to include image

    hope this helps!


  • Hello, we will probably start ttc around the same as you, as I have a MSc dissertation due September next year which I already had to defer for 2 years because of my first baby! I took the pill for 6 months after having Thomas (as I said I was never doing it again for 6 months, haha!!) but I came back off it as I have PCOS and had really long cycles after coming off the pill last time. This time I'm having perfect 28 day cycles which I never had before so thats a good start! Especially as we have male factor problems too. I have just joined Rosemary Conley as I would like to lose about 2 stone first too! And me and hubby will start thinking about vitamins etc in the new year! Will be nice to chat, and no doubt the time to start trying will come round scarily quick!! image xx
  • hi ladies i am 25 i already hav got 3 lovely lil girls my eldest is 4 in oct and my twins are 3 in nov my partner brought up the 'shall we hav 1 more' conversation  which i was a lil shocked by has i hav bin the one who has always said i would like to be pregnant once more and my partner has always said after me havin twins no more lol he jus started this talk out of blue sayin he wants one more and would like me to be preggers by end of 2013 image and to my surpise i didnt say yes i am more in two minds now imageimageimageimage

  • Hi there, im completely new to this site. Me and my husband (who is also in the army) are planning to start around August next year. After which he will have done his "big courses" and I will have been in my new job a year. I thought I was the only one thinking about it his early! It's nice to know there are others out there image I've started doing a lot of research as this will be our first! I plan on coming off Femodene around July time so I have my "real" periods and I need to lose some weight before we TTC too xx


  • Hey Mrs. B,

    LOL It sounds as if we have identical plans.  I'm planning on getting off the pill in July 2013 and then my husband and I are going to start TTC when he gets back from deployment too.  Hopefully by the time we go on a Cruise for our 5th anniversary in September I'll have the hormones out of my system.  I have PCOS so I'm working hard to lose plenty of weight by then too.  I have baby fever sooo bad though.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.


  • Me!!! I have ds who will be 2 next month and a dd who will be four in march. I'm getting so broody for number three!
  • Very exciting, 2013 is nearly here! My baby fever is growing again! Haha. We have decided we are going to start trying in April, giving us 3 months to take our vitamins and for me to lose a bit more weight. Woohoo can't wait (all the time I don't think about labour!!) x

  • It's getting v close n v exciting for everyone!! The closer we get the more nervous I am. I'm v broody but we've booked a holiday for June and I keep thinking, would it be best to wait until after then then I can go scuba diving? Now my husband has started talking about us going skiing/snowboarding...although I'm fairly competent I wouldn't want to risk doing it pregnant in case someone else knocked into me. If we were to wait until after skiing/snowboarding we'd be waiting until this time next year...then what if we find it difficult to conceive?? My husband will be 30 by then and although ill only be 25, we always said we wouldn't want him to be an older dad. I know that isn't old by a long stretch but he always says my mum n dad did it at the right time to now have a good relationship with us and still have plenty of time to do things as a couple now me n my brother have moved out. They were 25 when they fell pregnant with me. It's that same question that I don't think anyone can answer...when is the right time to start TTC?
  • Exciting times ahead! I'm not sure there is a right time to have a baby. I had my first at 26 and my second at 28 I'll be 31 when I have our third if all goes to plan! I don't want to wait much longer to have a baby but mainly because I want them to be pretty close. I'm thinking it'll be around may when we start trying.
  • Good luck!! We need to do some thinking once my husband is back off tour. Either that or we just see what happens and sacrifice the diving n skiing if we're lucky enough to fall pg early on x
  • Me! image Hoping to start trying in April, after a holiday we have booked for March!

    Also gives us time to take vitamins etc!

    What are your OHs taking supplement-wise ladies? I put some zinc in my hubby's stocking as a bit of a joke, but I don't think this is something you need to take in advance is it? More research needed I think! image

  • My hubby started taking wellman conception tablets today, as sperm takes 3 months to produce. Although he has low sperm count and low mobility sperm, so we need the extra help! When we conceived my little boy we had just been put on the IVF waiting list and hubby had been taking wellman for about 3 months, it could be a coincidence but it has to be a good advert considering he had really poor SAs! x

  • I am also ttc in 2013 we started last year but no luck so far image we have just found out hubby has the wrong shape sperm but yet to find out what that really means on terms of ttc he has just started eating more food and started a general multi vit although I'm starting to wonder if we should have gone for the well man one I have started taking a conception vit from boots

    let's hope our baby dreams come true for us all in 2013!!
  • Possibly me too.  I think probably by end of 2013 we will be trying but no earlier than June 2013 for us.

    We have one ds already and worrying how to cope with two!  Also because it could be our last baby I kind of want to enjoy ds as much as possible and enjoy this last pregnancy as much too.

    I'm under no illusion that a second pregnancy is not going to be as 'easy' as a first.  No napping on the sofa in the afternoon at weekends! image


  • Hey everyone! New to this, but here goes. I'll be 25 this year, and my husband and I have been ttc for about 8months and have only had bfn's so far image hoping to get my bfp before trying for a year. I try to not think about it, but with everyone getting pregnant around me it's def. hard. Just looking for more people going through similar situations. Anyone got any suggestions as far as suplements we could take? We're already taking a multi-vitamin daily. Was just wondering if there was anything we could take to boost our chances. Baby dust to all!! image

  • Hi Mrs Anderson sending lots of baby dust your way. I've heard people recommending the conception tablets for men and women as well as the sperm friendly lube...I can't remember what it's called but if you google it I'm sure it will come up. I haven't tried either as we've decided to just stop using contraception when he gets home in April and just see what happens to start with.

    If it helps ease ur worries at all my friend and her hubby were trying for two years, they'd tried every trick in the book n came to the conclusion there must have been a problem. They went to the dr n got a referral through for the next step the day she found out she was pregnant. She's now 9 weeks with TWINS!! image Don't give up hope hun xx
  • Hi Mrs Anderson

    My hubby is taking the wellman tablets specific for conception there are matching woman ones too which I'm taking hubby was told what vitamins are best and the general multi vitamins he had been taking had very few of the right ones in also lots of fruit and veg image good luck I'm on the tww and hoping for the best!
  • Mrsanderson good luck.

    The stats are that 80% couples get of within one year and by two years 90% will have so you have some time yet.

    When you think about it we only get 12 goes a year. (Some less if there are longer cycles)

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