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Can I come back please? Thinking of TTC baby no.2


How is everyone?

I need to come back to BE!!!!

When we first started TTC I found this site so helpful and now we are seriously thinking of trying for baby number 2 - i've tried so hard to stay away and remain relaxed and nonchalant about it all...... but I can't help it.  I need people to talk to and to help me.

We have talked about trying for baby number 2.  I had suggested that I feel that a good time for no.2 to arrive would be somewhere arounf DS's 3rd Bday (he is 19 months now image)

I'm sure - just as with No.1 - there is never a 'right time', and I know it's going to be difficult - but just wondering what your oppinions are?

What do you think is a good age gap?

Any advice would be great.

thank you




  • Hi P85. We are also trying for no2, my ds is 19 mths too! I used be when ttc the first time but the board doesn't seem as busy / active this time. Good luck hun x
  • Hiya, we're trying for no 2 aswell, our dd is 18 months old. I've never been keen on the idea of 2 under 2 & would prefer an age gap of 2 to 3 years so now feels the right time for us too image this is our second month of trying x
  • Hey,

    Thank you both.

    Bettybaby- I know - I can't believe how long I used to spend on here and now it's really quiet.

    Good luck to both of you x
  • Hey princess I remember u from before I've just ome back today :0) so glad to see an old face xx
  • wifey - how are you?

    where are you with ttc?

    DH and I talked last week about baby number 2 and he said he is definitely ready and wants another - he's just worried about me and how much work it's going to be.  I've obviously given it a lot of thought over the last few months and even more over the last weeks but something just seemed to click yesterday and just confirmed for me that yes - I do want to start trying now!


    I'm excited already but i know it won't b long before i start getting anxious lol



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