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Autumn 2012 TTC Harvest an Autumn Apple

Hi Ladies this is a NEW thread following on from Summer 2012 TTC Games, we shall see what the autumn harvest bringsEveryone is welcome just let me know dates etc and I will update the list below. Thread Graduates  Due in Sept 11 Candimum, Pg_McGee, CurlyGirly Due in Oct 11 BusyLizzy81, Akalady, Hols3 Due in Nov 11 Redhead85uk, Nowamrsm, Bethsmummy, MummyMB, Broodyshoes, LAandH, Steph, Writer, Due in Dec 11 Fifi500, Zanymum, Becks, Huglibear, Sally322 Due in Jan 12 Mildred81, Bellesmommy, Charlieswife, Lady_Is_Broody Due in March Yummymummy27   Due in April Maximo, HappilyMarried2010 - 8th April Due in May Pudding77 - 20th May Glittery_en - Due Date? PalePinkRoses - Due Date? Due in June MummyLintern2Be - 1st June MrsS11 - 9th June Millipop - Due date? Br2B - Due date?? MrsM17 - Due date Dxx - Due date? Mummytolilyella - Due date? Fozzie74 - Due date? Bianxuk - Due Date? Vickymoo - Due Date? PBubs - Due Date? Feebs76 - Due Date? _mummy2grace_ - Due Date? gemba44 - 29th July  Now_A_Mrs - Due Date? Giftuk1 - Due Date? MrsLD - Due Date? hopeful_gemster - Due Date? woluk - Due Date? Wantingnottwo - 14th October  OaksMikasMummy - 28th October  Sianuk11 - 5th November Jessiepud - 17th November Blue_xStarx - Due Date??? Loopy013-Due Date-13th January  Lulu-K-82-Due Date??? Jay79-Due Date??? Deeders-Due Date??? LA79-Due Date??? Squirt2-Due Date??? Devon_mummy-25th April Baby_bear4- 21st January theoriginalmonkeynuts-Due Date??? Mycookiemonsters-Due Date??? Mummy060409 - 29th April Claire531-Due Date???   MrsB Latest BFP Announcement =  !!!!  Nevada_doodles AF Due / Testing Dates andi30xx - ??? Rosapenny -8th November BryonyMcM - ??? carioke - ??? messy??? snugglenush-??? hushpuppy-??? MrsM87-??? Tigerlily13-??? herewegoagain-??? Joey139-???  Dmari3-??? Levi_pink-??? fiona86-??? Maria x-??? Mrs Tolis-??? Scottie1984-2nd October Prayin4mygift-??? BettyBaby1978-1st October MrsBean111- justmarried2012- Good luck to everyone and baby dust to you all XXX


  • Hey ladies I hope you like the new thread and hopefully we will have some new ladies joining us as well since our testing list is getting shorter and our graduates list getting longer image

  • Hey can I please be added, think testing date will be around 2nd oct, tho only my first proper AF since coming off pill so who knows! x
  • Hi Scottie, welcome. Of course you can join and fc that your stay in ttc is short xxx

    I'll add you to the list now.

  • Lovely new thread, af due for me on the 3rd hope she doesn't turn up would like a pumpkin instead! Xx good luck everyone xx
  • Love the new thread name ,Rosapenny, going lmp due date would be 29 th april, can u update front page as that for now and i ll update once i know xxx
  • Hiya, af is due here next Fri, 7th. I would love a Sept bpf! Please can you add me too? image sending baby dust to all x
  • Welcome MrsB fc for your September bfp xx

    I have the page updated now.

    Glad you all like the new thread name image

    2dpo for me

  • Hello everyone, af is due on the 5th for me fc tightly for a bfp image x
  • Hope the new thread is super lucky and brings lots of bfps!xx
  • Thanks Rosapenny - my next AF due date is 5th September xxx

  • Great new thread heres to bfp's for everyone

    Billie xx

  • Thanks for adding me! Is first proper month of TTC so unlikely will happen so quickly but be amazing if did image good luck to everyone
  • Hope the thread is lucky for you all, I know the support and previous thread was for me nearly 9 months ago as our little man is due this Sunday.  Stick with it ladies, it will happen in the end.  Good luck and lots of baby dust to you all xx

  • Hoping this thread brings lots of lucky bfps x x
  • Fingers crossed for BFPs everyone! My target is to get a BFP before Christmas! This month is month 3, currently CD 11 and AF due 16th September xx

  • everything is updated now image

    3dpo for me now, nothing to report. I'm catching up with Downton again before the new series starts image

  • Hi everyone. Cd15 for me today. Good luck this month girls xxxx
  • Good Luck Levi_pink I hope this cycle is a lot easier on you xx

    Hows everyone doing? I'm 4dpo today

  • Nothing much to report here, really just in limbo now waiting for weds to arrive
  • hi ladies, I'm back from a few nice days away just with hubby image. Don't think I've ov'd yet this month (CD 15 today) so still about 2 weeks to go before af due!

    hope everyone is well and fc for the ladies testing soon!

    good luck everyone xx

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