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I'm Jules 30 and I'm a mum of 2 gorgeous girls.  In 2007 i was told by GP that i had PCOS.  I wasn't overly concerned as i was happily married and had my wonderful girls so i felt blessed.  We never planned to have anymore children!  However in 2010 my husband  and i split up!  I have now met someone else who loves me and my daughters, we are going to try for a baby next year, i am a bit concerned that i might not be able to give this wonderful man a baby of his own image 

Am i worrying for nothing?



  • Most women have some sort of cysts on their ovaries, however it depends on whether you have the syndrome. And even then, it won't necessarily stop you from getting pregnant.

    Plus, there are so many "helping hands" in the fertility world (IVF, IUI etc) and if you have two children already, chances are you probably won't have a problem third time around.

    Just out of curiosity, how did you find out you had PCOS if you werent trying for a baby at the time?

  • I was suffering from horrendous periods that were irregular heavy n painful.  Also i was struggling to lose weight and had excess dark hair in areas that i was unhappy with.  I went to the GP with all these issues so he sent me for bloods to be done. It came back that i had PCOS.

    Strangely a couple of years before that i was passing a fortune teller and she tried to stop me to get business, i was not interested and she told me to go to the doc cos i had a condition that made it difficult to conceive.  I did actually try for 19 months for my 1st daughter!!

    I think i will go back to my GP as i have managed to lose a lot of the weight i was carrying, get all the answers then i suppose. 

  • My friend has this and was referred to the hospital and was given clomid and this really helped didnt take her that long to get pregnant then

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