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Hoping for an October BFP!

Hi ladies, waiting for my first AF after mc in August so I can try for an October BFP. Let's get a few ladies and lots of BFPs and baby dust on this thread. Froggy x


Test Dates

Nessie - 14th October 



  • Hi froggy, I had mc on the 8th August, am on AF now and am ttc after I've finished. How are you feeling now? x
  • Hi littleangel, my mc was 17th aug so no AF yet. I'm okay, surprised really at how well I feel (which makes me feel guilty). I've been to the fertility consultant who wants me to restart my clomid on the next cycle, it only took 2 rounds of clomid last time so I hope it's as quick this time. Consultant says he's confident it was just one of things and doesn't think I should have any problems next time which is good. I've been reading about mini aspirin and the benefits for preventing mc so I'm thinking about starting to take that. AF due next week, so frightened about mcing again, not sure I could bear it.

    Froggy x
  • I know I'm so scared its going to happen again, my cousin's girlfriend kept having mc- but she has got one little boy and she went on mini aspirin with her next one and its been successful for her. Are we allowed to just take mini aspirin or do u need to be told to take it by the doctor?? x
  • I think it's fine but I'm going to check with my GP. It is a NSAID which are not recommended in the later stage of pregnancy but appear to be ok early on. Ive read a lot online and mini aspirin seems to be fine but I wouldn't take anything without checking with the dr first!

    Glad I am not the only one who's terrified of future mc. I've already decided that we will tell our parents and then no one else until well after the 12 week scan. Last time I told a few close friends and colleagues and it was awful after the mc having to think "who have I told, who do I need to text"

    Froggy x
  • I know I told parents and a few people at work actually guessed, I'm going back to work on Monday and I'm petrified- cos I know I'm guna get people saying sorry for your loss and how are you feeling. But next time I dont think I'm going to tell anyone except my partner obviously. Hopefully we get BFP soon and sticky beans x
  • Hi mylittleangel, it is scary going back to work when your colleagues know you were pg and you've mc. My colleagues had obviously decided not to mention it for fear of upsetting me and no one said a word about "Oh dear I'm so sorry etc".

    That actually made me feel so awful, like everyone was pretending I'd never been pg or that nothing had happened. Even now I still want to shout "I was pregnant, I was having a baby" just to remind myself it was real. 

    I think the point I'm trying to make is that no matter what people do or don't say it's always the wrong thing and you will probably feel very upset. I think that's because there is no "right thing" to say.

    Really hope it goes better than you are expecting, but at least you are prepared for feeling sad.

    Next time we're going to tell both our Mums and that's it. 

    Fingers crossed for some sticky beans in October for us!

    Froggy x

  • Your so right thinking about it I'd they don't say anything and pretend it didnt even happen I think would also upset me- can't win!

    Well my mum I think I'm going to tell but I think she would guess anyway cos were so close but my partners mum has said she doesnt want to know, at first I took that horribly but after I realised I think she is just going to be so scared and she was quite upset when I had my mc; so i will respect her and not tell her until first trimester is over.

    How is the ttc going for you? Have you picked a date where your going to do a test? I have never known my cycle- like how many days, so I think if I haven't come back on my period by 19th October I will do one x
  • Hello girlies,

    My mc bleeding has just stopped, and we're going to try straight away, not wait for AF.

    It must be very hard for people to know what to say to us. 2 people at my work knew. I texted them both and said I didn't want t talk about it at work. They sent me sympathetic messages back, but have done what I asked and no said a single word at work. I guess everyone copes differently. I had no time off, and cope better if I keep busy and try to take my mind off it. Going straight back I worried I'd cry if people talked to me about it. I'm sure your colleagues don't mean to ignore it, but just worry in case you don't want to talk. Maybe bring it up yourself if you do feel you need to talk about it with them?

    G xx
  • Hi ladies I'm in for an oct bfp. Af got me on Friday. My first after the mc in early aug so hope cycle is settling back to normal. I think I coul tell when I ovulated and we did bd at "the right" time but seems we didn't get lucky. I'm so desperate to be pregnant befor Christmas. I know I shouldn't put myself under that pressure. But I can't help it. Baby dust for everything. Hate the waiting that ttc brings. Waiting to ovulate the the dreaded 2ww. Wait wait wait... Im so impatient.
  • Well went back to work and no-one except my manager said anything except are u feeling better, and froggy your completely right I was quite upset cos it was like it never happened; even though I wouldn't of wanted the I'm sorry how are you talk but it just felt soo wrong. When they asked me do you feel better I felt like saying its not a cold or sick bug I've lost my baby!! It's like I'm constantly searching for someone to say something that will help or help heal my broken heart but they can't image

    How are you all? xx
  • Gemgem wishing you a lot of luck for this month. I'm like you, had my D&C on a Friday and was back at work on Monday, being busy helps me cope. But, it was hard and maybe I needed some more time, just be careful the shock and grief can take you by surprise sometimes.

    Stripey, I'm sorry that AF got you, what a witch. Good luck this month, would be great to get a lot of bfps! I am really impatient too! Desperately hoping to see AF thus week, do you mind me asking how long it was between your mc and your next AF? 

    Mylittleangel, well done. The first day is the hardest and tomo will be easier and every day after that! Try not to let comments upset you, it's hard but I had to keep reminding myself that people mean well.

    I am so desperate for AF, need to have a scan at the clinc and can start the clomid. Feeling very hopeful but terrified at the idea of another mc. I am so terrified it will happen again, don't know how I'd cope.

    Babydust to everyone


  • Hi Froggy123 and sign of your AF yet? Mine is still AWOL, think ill at most be working towards a November bpf at this rate! X
  • Hi Fairysare, no sign yet. Day 28 today and before mc my periods were like clockwork every 28 days. I feel awful for thinking it but I want AF so badly because it will mean the "miscarriage month" is over (not forgotten) and it's a fresh start. Until AF arrives I feel like I am in limbo. 

    If it's not here my Monday which will be day 32 I'll give the clinic a call and see what they recommend. The consultant I see was happy to prescribe nothisterone after 28 days to bring it on but taking that means it will arrive about 8 days after the first pill and I'm scared to take it in case it would have arrived naturally in the mean time! 

    How long have you been waiting for AF?



  • hi girls,

    i'll join in for an october bfp please image am currently on 2nd AF following my mmc in July. cycle seems to be around 28-30 days but with spotting which i never used to have before the mc.

    have got some digi ov sticks for this month and am taking pregnacare. going to use conceive plus lubricant again as that worked for us last time... basically going all out!

    hope that for those waiting for AF to return it happens soon and you aren't kept waiting too long it is a horrible feeling.

    FC for us all- we all deserve some happiness x x


  • Hi

    I just posted on the sept post but I suppose I should be on here.

    I was on here a lot more last year but have not been on for a while after a bit of a break.

    We have been ttc no 2 since jan 2011 and have had 3 mmc's. One of which was twins.

    My last ERPC was 27 march this year and after trying to relax the last few months we are back ttc properly.

    I was hoping for a BFP this month as I had a few symptoms but I have started spotting and know AF will be here tomorrow!

    Hoping for an oct BFP.

  • My AF arrived this morning so ill join in for an October BFP. I went to my docs last week as it had been a long time since my d & c it has actually taken 46 days for it to come, so i felt relieved when it turned up this morning- the doc told me that is is normal for AF to come back for up to 3 months after a mc though!

    Baby dust to all this month im going to get the ov sticks out once my cycle is over xx
  • Hello ladies

    I am not sure my cycle will have righted itself following my erpc at the beginning of this month, but count me in for testing in October at some point. I know they tell you to wait, but frankly at my age I haven't got time to be hanging around and I do so miss being pregnant. Froggy - are you going to do a list of testing dates upfront?

    Nessie - hello to you and welcome back. Are you sure the spotting isn't something else? If its not and AF has arrived, fancy being cycle buddies this month and going forwards?

    Apple x

  • Hello lovelies,

    Finally got a little bit of good news this week. My GP has referred me for a gynae consult even though my 3 mc's have not been consecutive, so are not 'technically' recurrent miscarriage as the nhs defines it. I knew it was worth waiting all week for an appointment with the GP I've known since I was 5 image My appointment is 11th oct too, so not too long to wait. We haven't used contraception since the mc, so something could happen this month, but not long to wait if not.

    G xx
  • I've started my norithisterone tonight so should have AF at the beginning of October and start the clomid then - fingers crossed I'll be in time for an October BFP - don't want to wait until November! (seems ageees away!).

    I'll put the testing dates at the front as and when people let me know what their date is.

    Let's hope for some babydust and sticky beans this time. We all deserve it so much!

    Gemsgems that is good news, time will fly by to the 11th and you might even have a BFP by then!



  • I haven't done this before! What do i have to do/post in terms of dates? Xx
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