Pregnant again after 7 miscarriages trying for our first

I have been through 7 traumatic miscarriages in the past 2 years trying for our first child. All my pregnancies have ended at between 4 - 8 weeks.

Last Saturday I decided to do a HPT as my period was missing for 3 days. It came back POSITIVE.

However that evening i noticed some pink on the tissue when i wiped, i thought its probably implantation bleeding.

Sunday morning I woke up and found that it had turned to a dark red/brown when i wiped (only visible when wiping). No cramps or pain so in my mind it was probably still implantation bleeding.

Sunday night the dark red/brown turned to bright red and clotty when wiping. At this point there still was no pain or cramps and it was only when wiping still.

4 days later I am still passing very little amounts of old brown/dark blood when wiping and I did a pregnancy test a couple days ago (my last one) which came up still positive however it was very faint.

Im waiting for some new pregnancy tests to arrive in the next couple days so I can do another as soon as they arrive.

Anyone else have similar symptoms and go on to have a successfully healthy pregnancy?


(please note that I am already seeing a specialist due to re-currant miscarriage and I am currently awaiting the results for thyroid, clotting, hormones, lupus etc etc etc)


  • Oh Trillion, you are having a rough ride.  For what it's worth HPTs are awkward things with results dependant upon getting the right amount of wee upon the test stick, the time of day the test is taken, whether you have eaten/drunk before taking the test.

    If you are only 7-10days overdue you HCG levels will still be building (My GP always told me to aim to test 10-16days overdue for more accurate results) which could explain a faint BFP rather than a stronger one.  Bleeding in pregnancy is common & doesn't always mean the worst & whilst it is light bleeding without pain there is a good chance it is all connected to implantation.  I effectively bled a light period for the 1st trimester of my 2nd pregnancy until 15wks into term when it suddenly stopped & I have a happy healthy cheeky little girl resulting from it.  Don't lose hope, each pregnancy truly is different & this may just be your rainbow.

  • Thanks for your support KazzieM

    I always use first morning urine on the sticks, and never drink too much before going to bed to help me get accurate results (as possible).

    I got my first positive at 3 days after a missing period.

    If I was to ignore the bleeding that I have had then I would be 7 days late for my period.
    The bleeding has gone now, and was only light (as it never filled even a pantyliner).

    Ive orded some test strips (10ml) pregnancy tests online and also a Clear Blu First Response Digital one so when they arrive I should get some accurate results.

    As it stands I honestly have no clue as to which way its going to go.

    The bleeding itself makes me feel its going to be miscarriage 8 (a BFN)
    However since there was no pain whatsoever I might still very well be pregnant and find a hopefully a (BFP).

    I will keep you ladies updated.

  • Update:

    7 days after my period was due and after several days of bleeding I took another home pregnancy test, my positive has now become negative.

    I guess that I have just gone through my 8th Miscarriage in 2 years.
    No one should have to go through this (im only 27) 

  • So sorry to hear this. I had my 3rd last month, I can't imagine how you must feel after 8. I hope your blood tests give you an answer they can treat so this never happens to you again.

    G xx
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