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hpt getting darker after mc

Not sure if anyone can help me. I had a mc 4 weeks ago, have been doing hpt since. The HPT were getting fainter, but the last few I have done have been darker, I havent had any negative tests at all and have been doing them every 3-4 days. I have been feeling like AF is on the way and had pink discharge  today, but nothing else. This scenario was the same as when I  found out I was pregnant the last time. Is it possible to never get a negative test after MC?


  • If you were testing every 3-4days maybe it was negative during that 3 day period where you werent checking?? Maybe you are pregnant again?? Why not ask your dr to check hcg levels to see if they are rising or falling??

    Good luck and fingers crossed x
  • was your mc confirmed ?? its just because i had what i thought was a period, then took a pregnacy test a week later and it was a strong positive so thought that ive had a mc, turned out i had an ectopic pregnacy .

    hope everything is ok with you xx
  • Thanks for responses, had another scan and it was "retained products of conception", more treatment and another scan next week, fingers crossed all sorted and then I can move on!

  • Hi daisydill, sorry to hear your still having problems! will they do a D&C for you? if you still have retained product its prob the best way? and also lots of people seem to get pregnant again quite quikly after...if thats what you want? good luck and hopefully everything will be sorted soon. xx

  • Thank you, yes think D&C is the best option, and yes it is what I want, just didnt expect to be in this position along the way.

    Good luck to you too!x


  • also just looking at your previous posts... not married?? Shock horror!! Dont worry about it, I am older than you, not married but very happy. I would prefer a baby to a diamond! x

  • Aww daisysoll!! Thanks!! Yes me too!! And besides we cant afford a wedding and if we were to get married before a baby it would end up being cheap and rushed so that i didnt have to wait for a baby!! would much prefer to wait and save for the perfect day... and our baby can be there with us xx
  • Im only posting as when I have been looking at posts, it can be frustrating to not know the outcome...

    I ended up hvaing ERPC, all went well. Will wait a couple of weeks and then start trying again! Hoping for better luck next time!

  • awe best of luck to you..


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