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High Chance Of Twins?

This is probably a stupid question but is there a high chance of me having twins if I get pregnant due to my boyfriends dad being a twin and also his mums had twins ??.. A few people say its the females that decide if its twins or not..


  • Yeah that's right, twins are only hereditary if its on the female side, so twins in your boyfriend's family won't make any difference. Although everyone has a chance of having ID twins. My Mum is a non ID twin but I personally would rather just have one baby at a time! Haha
  • Yup just want to second what Magpie said - it comes down the mothers line - my hubby has twins in his family so i was worried last time and researched it lol. Luckily there are no twins on my side of the family at all! Although - also like Magpie said, everyone has the chance of having identical twins. Eeeeeeek!

  • Just to agree with the other ladies, ID twins are just nature so doesn't matter if in the family or not but there is thinking that non ID twins on the Mum's side may be hereditary x

  • My other halfs a twin his dads a twin and so is his nan hoping I don't have twins
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