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Help! Very late period but 2 negative tests!

Hi there,

I was hoping someone could help as I am very new to all this! My husband and I decided that I should come off my pill after we got back from honeymoon in August.  I waited until my 3 week packet had finished and once my period had ended I just didn't start retaking them.  I got my first period after 29 days.  I worked out that based on the 29 day cycle, my next period would be due on October 11th.  However, 11 days later it still hasn't come.  I have had all the usual symptoms I get when my period is about to start but they have stopped also.  I have taken 2 pregnancy tests just in case, but both have come back negative.  From reading other people's threads I realise that after coming off the pill your periods will take a few months to become regular but I have been getting symptoms similar to those of pregnancy i.e nausea, itchy nipples, bloating.  Are these symptoms and the late period likely to be because I have come off the pill?  I am a worrier at the best of times but can't help but worry that something is wrong!  Would really appreciate hearing back from other people who may have experienced similar issues!


Thanks! image


  • Hi Mrscc,

    I guess there could be several things going on. Like you said it could be because you've come off the pill and your body is taking awhile to adjust back to a regular cycle or you could be pregnant but test not picking it up. I was told some people don't test positive for awhile and only blood test would confirm but not sure how likely that is. Perhaps a call to your gp would give you more of an idea?

    Good luckimage
  • Thanks LouLouBelle, I am thinking it is probaby my body readjusting to coming off the pill but I can't help but worry!  It was only when I started getting symptoms similar to those of pregnancy symptoms that I thought maybe there was a chance the tests were false negatives. I just wish something would happen soon!  It is going to make it very hard to know when my "window"is to get pregnant!

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