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Hello four months ago I stopped taking my pill a month after I took a test I got a bfn but I knew I would I knew I wasn't I had to take my pill again due to the fact of losing my job, now I stopped taking it again 24 days ago the past two days I have a lot of cervical mucus feeling sick on a bus a lot of wind and I'm always hungry I have odd feelings in my belly totally different to before I haven't had any bleeding either where as before I bleed 3 days after I stopped taking my pill, I took a test today I got a bfn but my intuition is telling me I'm pregnant, anyone had simula experiences and should I listen to my intuition x


  • Very tricky one to answer I am afraid. I've really convinced myself I was pregnant before nad had all the symptons you are describing and it turned out to be nothing . . .doesn't mean that your intuituon is wrong - that's just my experience. 


  • That would be very early to have lots of pregnancy symptoms, but also probably too early to get a positive on a test, wait a few more days and test again? Good luck!

  • This is my plan I don't want to get myself too excited, before when I stopped taking my pill I had symptoms right away this time it's been 3 weeks until I've had anything I've read a lot of different stories to do with intuition but like I said before I knew I wasn't I just knew this time my body seems to tell me I am :/
  • Hey. i replied on the other post. from my experience it was symptoms of coming off cerazette which is still ruining my happiness even tho i have been off it for 10 weeks now. at 4 week stage had wind sore boob morning sickness the lot and mo period then 2 week later got my period. Monday would have been 4 weeks and i was expecting af but she hasn't come and again i can't eat certain foods without them making me sick Im tired all the time sore boobs moody. I know deep down Im not pregnant. Although saying that they do say you are more fertile when u come off the pill so ya never know. good luck x
  • Its hard because when you really want something you can convince yourself, I did lots of times, but also you know you really could be pregnant! Fingers crossed x

  • Thank you for all the advice image I seem to argue with myself because I don't want to get my hopes up my body says I am and I'm saying I'm not just because I don't want to let myself down it's weird I'm going to see if my period comes next week of not test the week after image x
  • I totally agree with magpie. Its amazing what the mind can do but on the other hand u might actually be pregnant. good luck image x
  • thankyou image il let you all know in about 2 weeks x

  • Fingers crossed for ya x
  • It's been 30 days since I stopped taking my pill still no period today my boobs are sore and seem bigger I've been bloated for the past week and feel sick always tired and hungry im scared to test, should I test or is it to early?
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