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Confused and need help!

Hi ladies...

I havent been on for a while but am very confused and thought you lovely people may be able to help. I have very irregular cycles usually in excess of 100 days and as such I never know when i am due. Usually when AF arrives, she is here for 6 days - 3/4 heavy days and then the final two quite light and tailing off. Last Thursday it appeared she had arrived, but I had maybe half a day of not too heavy bleeding, then nothing, then a couple of days later tiny tiny amounts for about a day and a half, then nothing, then a couple of days medium bleed and then tailed off to nothing again. Any ideas what might be going on? I did a test but it was negative but I'm not entirely suprised as I never know when to test anyway since I dont know when I'm due. 

Please help if you can! image TIA xx


  • Sounds awful for you Gizmoo!! we've been ttc for about the same time but at least mine range from 26-34 days. If it was implantation bleeding then the hcg should start rising then at least you can do another test to see. use the internet cheapies then you won't feel like you're wasting money. do you have any symptoms?


  • It is horrible! When I originally went to the doctor he was shocked, saying that instead of 10-12 chances a year to conceive we had 2 sometimes 3! image Thanks Carioke, fingers crossed you get a BFP soon. I have been trying not to think about TTC as we are now undergoing fertility investigations, but no other symptoms. I hate my body sometimes haha. Need to order some internet cheapies as I've got none left, but I would sooo love to get a BFP before we have any intense treatment! Thank you xxx

  • Do you have PCOS? Its just that I do, and that sounds exactly like my cycles. They are better since I had my son, but before then I would have cycles of over 80 days and really heavy painful periods, but every now and then I would have a light short non painful period. All part of the PCOS I guess! If it is that there are loads of positive things you can do, I managed to get my cycles down to in the 30s and conceived naturally in the end even though my hubby has low sperm count and low motility sperm. Good luck, I hope it happens for you soon x
  • Hi Magpie, thanks. No, they tested me for PCOS as i have all the sympoms of that, but the scan and bloods came back clear. In a wierd way I really wanted it to be because at least then we had an answer and diagnosis. I came off the pill a few years ago after just over a year on it and my cycles have never gone back to normal. Hubby just had his test and that has come back as a normal set of results (he is really relieved as he had cancer when he was 21 and we thought he might have problems) so looks like the problem is still me image. What did you do to get your cycles down if you dont mind me asking? I'm at the stage where I'm pretty much willing to try anything! xx

  • The pill can cause such havoc, they never tell you that when you go on it! Ah well that's good you don't have PCOS but not so good that it leaves you not sure what is causing your long cycles! I basically got really fit, I was a little bit overweight so I lost that, I ate a low GI diet so things like brown rice and pasta, and I was doing exercise classes at the gym 3 times a week. I also started taking vitamin B6, and soya isoflavones, which you take on days 3-7 of your cycle, and the doctor put me on metformin for the PCOS! So not sure if it was a combo of all or one of those in particular which helped! I really feel foe you, I remember how soul destroying it can be but I think turning my self pity round into a more positive attitude helped too (that took me ages and was very difficult!!) Excellent news that all is ok with your hubby though, that's half the battle won! xx
  • Not saying you are wallowing in self pity, that was me!! Haha x
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