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Clearblue digital ovulation test

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a little advice.... my husband and I are trying for a baby and I recently bought a clearblue digital ovulation test. I've been testing every day for about 15 days and still haven't got my smiley face to indicate I'm ovulating. image

I stopped my depo injection last November and my periods came back this August. I've had a couple of irregular cycles of around 20 days and the most recent was 35 days.

I expected to have ovulated by now and only have a few tests left in my pack. It's started to make me worry that perhaps I'm not ovulating at all??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated xx


  • hiya ive currently just had a ectopic preg, i started using ovulation test strips after my first af, just for peace of mind to know i was ovulating (as i was advised to wait 3 months before ttc)

    i use clear and simple ovulation strips, i start testing about

    a week after 1st day of af and find i get a postive about 12 days after af, i make sure i test at the same time each day, restrict any fulid for 2 hours before and i use about 5-6 test before i get my postive.

    hope you get your postive ovulation soon x
  • Hi Carolyn wedding, I'm sorry I don't have ne advice, but I did want to let u know that I have also been using ov test strips in September, and I used nearly 2 boxes up but never got my pos, so then I ditched them thinking that I wasn't doing anything rite and bought the CB digital sticks for my October month and started testing a day after my af, upto CD21 and never recieved a pos.

    I got worried aswel thinking I'm not ovulating and asked my gp about it but she said that they don't like the OV kits and doesn't know wat I'm on about and just to do the deed around day 14 of my cycle and sent me away. I've been confused ever since, and dreading this month bcos I don't have a clue wats goin on.......

    I'm sorry to keep goin on but u wanted to let u know that ur not the only one who's not getting a pos on the CB tests..........
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your replies and sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy QueenAsanti.  

    I'm relived to say the day after I posted my message, I got the smiley face to indicate I was ovulating... at last! 

    Glad to know it's not just me that was getting confused with the ovulation kits and worrying that I'm not ovulating.

    Rubyjavy, that's a shame your GP wasn't very helpful! image As QueenAsanti83 said, it's best to test at the same time everyday, I do mine in the morning as my bladder is full and not diluted with any drinks. Perhaps you ovulate later than you thought? I've been having 20 day then 35 day cycles, I started testing on day 6 this month but only ovulated on day 22, so almost ran out and thought it would never arrive!

    Although they are expensive, maybe you buy enough sticks to test everyday so you don't miss your smiley positive?

    I hope you both get your positives soon. xxx


  • Thanx Carolyn. I'm glad u got ur smiley face!!! I have 28-30 day cycles, and I started testing from day 6 to day 18, and just incase I missed it I did 2 tests a day. But yea, the timing of it was all over the place. After day 18 n only having 6 sticks left I give up...... Surely i should have ov'd by then?!?!
  • Yeah you would think so, but maybe you ovulated later than expected this month..? It's complicated isn't it! Perhaps next month do a test every day - expensive but at least you wont miss the surge. I find clearblue easy to use as there is no interpretation with lines etc, its either a smiley face for yes or a circle for no. Good luck! xx
  • Well I hope u all the best and plenty of baby dust
  • I have had irregular cycles since coming off mu inplant at the start of the year. i have been using the clear blue didgital ovulation kit since august and i only got my first smiley face on day 15 this month! i am now 8dpo and keeping my fingers crossed!! 


    **BABY DUST**

  • Sorry Daisysmummy - only just seen this. Did you have good news? I didn't get my positive last month, but got my smiley face today, so am DTD later and keeping my fingers crossed. xx


  • I'm now on month 3 of using these, got my smiley face today (day 15)

    and just DTD, so fingers crossed! Baby dust to you all xx
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