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How many days after your period are you most fertile?


  • It will depend upon your own individual cycle length but most women can expect to reach their fertile peak 8-12 days after the start of their period.

  • So when would you say i am most fertile, when my periods always only last for five days?x

  • Hi Charl2, it totally depends on your cycle length.  Do you know how long your cycles are or when you OV?  It's very hard to say but on average most women have their period 12-14 days after ovulation date but the time between the end of your period and ovualtion can vary (that is how we all have different cycle lengths).  You really need to start noting down how long your cycles are and then you should be able to take some rough guesses as to when you're most fertile xx

  • Hi Charl2, look out for the signs, everyone's different but I start to feel mild cramps usually on one side (where the ovaries are), also when you have the clear stretchy cervical mucous that's when you're fertile, just get bd'ing after af has gone!image

    good luck x

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