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This is why I hate charting!!!!

I've decided to temp and chart this month as thought it would be a good idea as going for tests this month because we've hit the year mark!image  I'm already obsessed and driving myself crazy; been taking my temp every morning, I've had ovulation pains since cd7, ewcm on cd10, then again on cd14 and for the last 2 days I've had a faint line on the ov sticks!!!!image so when will I actually ovulate????  dtd cd10,12 and 14 also used conceive+on days 12 and 14 so fc we've done enoughimage

I'm just having a rant ladies as still off work with knee injury and far too much time to think about ttc!!!  hope everyone is well xx


  • Hey darl, i saw you in one of my threads about ewcm after period how are you going? Im in the same position as you except i have not used ov sticks.. I started have ov pains on cd7 and i also had heaps of ewcm. ever since then my cm has been creamy and maybe slightly stretchy at times im on cd11 and yesterday on cd10 my cervix shot way up and was heaps soft but this morning its back down and slightly firm??? so i dont know if i ovulated around cd7 or around now?? me and my fiance have dtd cd6 (day period finished), cd8 and last night cd10 so if i have ovualted between then and now i should be covered what do you think of my situation any advice you can share? In your situation i believe your body is gearing up for ovulation as you have had faint line on the ov sticks just keep an eye on your cm and if you check you cp maybe that may be able to help if its starting to become soft... i know it can be frustrating this is our 8 month trying to concieve and i dont have any fertility issues dont lose hope darl... from what you are saying you should ovualte any day now so keep your eyes peeled xx
  • sorry i meant to say i have NOT used ov sticks lol image


  • Hi Shahna, I think I ov'd cd15/16 going by ewcm and temps, we dtd on cd14 and 15 (as well as before that) so we should be covered but mother nature is in control now so I'm just going to 'try' and relax and not worry. saying that I need to go to the docs next week to have blood tests done because we've been trying over a year now!

    Hopefully you're covered, the problem is you only know when you've ov'd after it's happened so just keep dtd, sometimes easier said than done I know!! apparently the last day you see ewcm is your peak day.

    good luck xx

  • hmmm. Yeah ive heard lots of women say that your peak day is the last day of the ewcm the day after my period was the day i got heaps of it then creamy since then i didnt even have any dry days.. yes indeed mother nature does have control. i first fell pregnant when i was 15 i was bcp and i went to the hospital with horrible pains and they told me i was ovulating so i didnt have sex to make sure i was fully covered then the day before my period on the pill i magically ovulated again 2 times in that one month and found out 6 weeks later that i was 5 and a bit weeks pregnant sadly ended in a m/c at 10 weeks but the world knew i wasnt ready so mother nature definetly has the upper hand lol. image well im sending all the baby dust i can to and im wishing you the best of luck on your new adventure image xxx


    good luck and let me know what happens image

  • good luck to you too Shahna, I hope you get your bfp very soon. there's a new thread called miracle on ttc street, all lovely ladies sharing stories, giving support and advice through this rollercoaster ttc journey xx

  • Thanks heaps carioke ill look at it and see if someone may have some experience with what im dealing with image....


    thankyou again for you support and for responding to me image i appreciate it image


  • i cant seem to find that thread image

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