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advise please

hi all, ive just started taking metformin got to build up to one 5oomg three times a day. can anyone tell me if it actually helps you get pregnant and how long it takes?


  • I take metformin, but that's for diabetes???? i didn't know that it helps conceive. I've been taking metformin for 6 years now and I am on 3 month of ttc. Maybe that's how I had 2 unplanned surprises!!!!

    I hope it works out for u!!!!!!
  • Hi Ladies,

    same sort of problem as some of you, myself & my parner decided to come off mycrogynon & try for a baby.

    I had my "pill Period" the 20th of october -24th of october... then on the 30th of October I began to bleed again and was a lot heavier than usual and to this day 7/11 i am still bleeding.

    Is his normal? would this be classed as my 1st "proper" period, hope someone can help!


  • I THINK it might be your "proper" full blown natural period where your body is just cleaning itself out and it should hopefully settle soon so you can start trying.......I hope this helps????
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