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Hi everyone. I've been on and off this forum since my last baby 3 n half years ago and taking the contraceptive patches, however I started suffering really bad migraines so the docs recommended me to stop the patches as they were causing the migraines to n more severe and frequent. So I've stopped taking the patches in June after a period and then never had a period til 7 weeks later, and after that its been regular, every 28-30 days. The thing is i left it a couple of months to ttc so I could get an idea of my cycles and I bought OV kits and everything, and been ttc since September, but even tho I've been following the instructions for the last couple of months on the OV kits, I've never recieved a positive. We've still been trying between the CDO8th and 18th but obviously not got anywhere. I'm sorry for going on, but wat I wanted to ask was has anybody else been on the contraceptive patches, and has it/does it affect fertility or the time to conceive? My gp was very adamant that the patches are nothing to do with y I haven't recieved a pos on the OV kits or even y I haven't had any EWCM (sorry tmi and I hope im gettin the abbreviations rite) I don't know if it's just me being paranoid, so hoping someone will be able to she'd some light. 3 out of 4 pregnancys were unplanned (where the first was a miscarriage) and my planned pregnancy only took 3 months to conceive so I've never been in this situation before with all the planning and organising OV kits and mucus secretions etc........ So plsssssss help, il be ever so grateful???? (Sorry, I've not had many replies either Wenever I've started a new thread which is y I'm sounding so desperate now) Thanx!!!!


  • Hi Rubyjavi, if your periods are regular then that's a good sign you're ovulating, your af arrives 12-14 days after ovulation. (based on an average Luteal phase). I didn't have any luck with ov sticks but I have been ttc for over a year now and this month decided to temp, ov test and chart just to see where/if I'm going wrong. I started testing on cd10 because I could feel what i thought was ovary pain, I kept getting a negative test each day. I started with the odd patch of ewcm from cd10 to cd14, (not much at all) so  used conceive plus inbetween on the dry days to help. I finally got a faint line on cd15 (yesterday) at 2pm and thought I must be near to ov, what I've done in the past is not tested again until the next day but this time I tested again on the same day; cd15 at 5pm and there it was, a dark line, a positive image therefore proving you can easily miss the positive test, the LH surge! hope that all makes sense and helps a bit.

    good luck x

  • Thanx for ur reply. What's conceive plus? Did that help you with the ewcm and ov?
  • It's a fertile friendly lubricant, It's supposed to help to conceive, only used it last couple of times but fingers crossed it's worked this month as I knew when ov was aproaching x

  • As carioke says it is easy to miss the surge. I used to test when I got home from work which was much too late for me. We used conceive plus for a couple of months until we got our bfp. On our lucky month I ovulated a week earlier than expected! All I can say is try to have fun trying and try lots!

    Good luck and babydust. X
  • Thank guys. Maybe I wasn't testing at the rite time. I have 3 kids and loads of errands back and forwards from school and nursery and stuff and even my meals are all over the place, so no, I probably didn't test at the same time everyday or 2 hours before drinking liquids or whatever ????

    I'm not going to buy anymore OV kits now. Jst use my last ones up as carefully and precise as I can and hope for the best. Thanx guys
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