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8DPO, had spotting yesterday and sharp pains!

Hello, i am 8DPO, me and my OH made a extra effort around the time of ovulation. I have been using the Clear Blue ovulation Kit and got a smiley face for just one morning. We have been trying since August and had no luck so far. Yesturday i got a bit of spottong, and this morning i have woken up with rather sharp pains 'down there' and still got spottong, sorry if TMI but its a quite bright red and only there when i wipe, not enough to have to wear a liner. I diddnt have problems getting pregnant the first time it almost happend immediatly. Anyone else had these problems? Thanks in advance x


  • Ahhh cant get this out of my head and wherever i write theres no response and my DR just says i have to wait 3 more months before they will look into anything!! wow.. feeling quite alone =( sob sob ='( xx

  • Hi daisysmummy could this be implantation bleeding? Sorry I don't know enough about these things to be much use. Fingers crossed for you image
  • Hi Daisy'smummy. It sounds like you're quite sure when you ovulated so I would be inclined to say this sounds promising - implantation! Do you know how long your luteal phase normally is? I have been suffering a short luteal phase since I had a mc in July - only 9 days so it could also be Af showing up early but I'd be more inclined to think implantation! You'll still need to wait a few days before a hpt will give you an answer though. Good luck!

    Ps I'm on 10dpo today and no Af so I'm v happy - even if there's no bfp I'm just happy to have almost made it to a 10 day luteal phase!!
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