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Out for October in for Novemember!!!

Hey ladies!! So October wasnt my month and I am now CD 1. This is my second cycle post mc in september and origionally i had decided to stay away from opks and hpts for a while but didnt do very well with that so this month im going back to the opks in the hope that i can up my chances of a November BFP!! Hoping to have some nice news to share with the family at christmas! So, whos with me ladies!!!


  • iam hoping to get a Bfp early dec, after my mc & ectop, wishing us both lots of luck for that early xmas prezzie xx
  • Hi QueenAsanti glad to have you on board. Sorry to hear that you have already had to deal with an ectopic and a mc!! Where are you in your cycle? if i may ask, why are you waiting till dec??  lets keep each other positive that we will have our healthy little christmas beans!!!

    baby dust to you xxx

  • hi katybob, ive just finished my 3rd af since my ectopic in aug, i was told to wait three months before ttc , iam going to start ov test from tue that is meant to be my next fertile time, due to ovulate around 18/19 nov, so will take preg test when nxt due af which is around 2/3 dec.

    iam really excited but also nervous at the same time, how about you, how far along was you when you had your mc ??

    baby dust to you too xx
  • I had a private scan at 9wks and the sonographer was concerned that either it was not viable or that it was incorrect dating so had a repeat scan at 12 weeks where there confirmed non viable pregnancy so i was 13 weeks when i physically miscarried but baby didnt get past about 5weeks. how about you? I was told to wait 2-3 cycles but there is no clinical evidence to suggest that you should. i am a nurse and im a big believer that if my bodies ready ill be able to carry to term. also no evidence to suggest that if you get preg quickly you will mc again? so i just carried ontrying straight away.

    Yesterday i thought this might have been implantation bleeding as only had a tiny amount of brown blood on a tissue when i wiped and no pain/cramps etc and over a week before af due. but today ive had cramps and abit more bleeding so think its af... not surewhy so early though?!

    i know what you mean about excited and nervous.... i just wanna be pregnant now but i know when i get that bfp ill be terrified to do anything!! even first time i found myself feeling really delicate asif every move might cause a problem for the baby... i know its stupid and as i nurse i should know better but i guess youll understand!!

    take care and keep me updated on ov tests and hpt!!!


  • sorry to hear about your loss, i had my first mc in june, i bleed at five weeks i had a scan then but they couldnt see baby just sac, i was told to come back in a week then they would be able to see more i continued to bleed with clots, a week later a complete mc was confirmed image i began ttc straight away, i tested a few times and got a bfn but was unsure when i would get af after mc, so wasnt sure when was best to test, then i bled but felt sickly after a week or so took test it was postive, went to they confirmed ectopic had emergency surgery, so now only have one tube, so this is why this time round iam extra nervous, but i also agree what will be will be xx

    i will keep you updated, is this your first or do you already.have children ? x
  • hey girls, quick update on me-

    period is 5 days late, had a BFN at 12 dpo decided to test today but the pregnancy test isnt in the box!!!! its was a 2 pack and only had one inside image so now im dying to know!

    im sure there was one inside when i first tested.....suposse ill have to keep waiting for my period, cant really afford to go buy another one image

  • hi there supersquish, do let us know how you get on. good luck xx
  • Hi Supersquish, welcome!!

    Fingers crossed for you being the first of our little group!! Let us know how you get on!! Good luck xx

  • morning girls!

    still no period, guess its just a waiting game! image

  • So after two days of brown bleeding which has been sooo light ive barely needed tampons, now nothing??? Could this really be af?? Its a week early and origionally though implantation but had some cramps like af so wrote myseld off, now im not so sure??? Aaaaerrrgggghhh hate the gusssing games!!!
  • think its safe to say im not preg,BFN on FR so annoying!

  • hi katybob, have you done a preg test yet or are you waiting till your af ?,

    Supersquish, i dont know how your managing to wait round cant you just go the doctors let them do a test ?

    you girlies have got me all excited, it sounds like you both could be, come on one of us needs to get the ball rollin, i just wonder it is goin to be image

    iam meant to be in my fertile window now, so just started the ovulation test, not expecting it to be positive till around the weekend, i'll keep you posted

    fingers crossed for you guys xx
  • sorry supersquish, we must have both been typing at the same time, how long have you been ttc ? x
  • @queenasanti where now at the year mark with one misscarige in april, how about you?

    ive been so stressed this past week or 2 so i think thats whats delayed AF but ive noticed that im very irregular over the last few months, makes it hard to pin point OV without spending lots of money on OPK's which i cant afford atm image

  • hiya, this will be my first month of ttc, since my ectopic 3 months ago, plus a mc before that, iam just really worried because i now only have one tube so chances are less now, but just goin to try stay positive about the whole thing.

    well i hope you get your bfp soon,

    take care x
  • Hi girls, yes ive done a few tests but if this was inplantation bleeding it might still be too early to test? Im going to see how things go and also het some opks so that if this was af i can get on and find out when i ovulate??!!!
  • Hi ladies! How.are we all getting on? Supersquish, sorry to hear the witch got you!!! Ggrrr!!! image as my ticker says i am around my most fertile phase... this is great news!!! sadly im around 200miles away from OH on a week long conference this week so unless i happen to ov late this month (fingers crosses!!!) then im guessing there will be no bfp for me this month!!! image bbooooo!!!

    However, its not over till the witch shows so lets remain positive!! How are the rest of you doing? Xx
  • hi, hope you are both ok

    katybob, fingers crossed that you do ovulate later, ive been doing ovu test a week today as last tue was the start of my fertile stage, and i have just got my strong postive line today, image so you never know.

    praying for some good news, so all i can say for now is watch this space the dreaded 2 week count down is on

  • Hi all. second month ttc aunt flo got me last month!! (or the which as you put it haha love it!) im cd8 but dont really know when i ovulate, never really took any notice before now. my cycle is 28 so im sure i ovulate pretty soon. relly wishing for a BFP this month!!

    wishing you all BFP's xx


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