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hi all,


Question for you all, I have been on the Depo injection for a year. (4 injections) had NO periods whatsoever since i started it. i had my 4th Depo on the 2nd November all fine, then on the 5th November i came on my period... i dont understand why after a year of nothing i all of a sudden got one...

my only explanation is that it was a duff depo and therefore had no hormone in my system so i came on. ( Like when u finish ur pack of pill u come on 2 or 3 days later) 

Has anyone else had anything like this? i really dont know if im safe or not.....


thanks in advance xx


  • I would always get my period 4 days before my next shot was due or 4 days after I had my next shot.. You should be safe, ask your doc to be sure tho image

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