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PLEASE HELP ME (chlamydia)

i just found out i have chlamydia, i just got treated for yesterday and my boyfriend of 10 months is getting treated tommorrow we have been having unprtected sex for 5 months with no pregnacy scare and i have had the std for about a year.. i am terrifed i will never have baby because of it. i was an inpatent i got all kinds of test done (pap smear, blood test, inside and out ultrasound) that how they found out i had it. but they never said i had pid... so does that mean i dont have it or that they just didnt tell me. could me having clamydia make me unable to get pregnant and now that im treated i will? or am i just never going to be a mommy because thats all i want to be when im older, will somebody please tell me what happening cause i am so scarred i am in tears...



  • Did you tell them you'd being having unprotected sex? If so I can't understand why they would do all those other tests without ruling out the most common/basic cause of abnormalities which are sti's? In the pct I work in a gp won't refer you any further than GUM to begin with.

    How do you know you caught it a year ago? If you've been having unprotected sex with your current partner? If your symptoms are recent, you've most likely caught it from him!

    Every time you have chlamydia there is a risk of declined fertility, however if this is your first time (and only) it's unlikely to affect it. It's much more difficult to fall pregnant than just having unprotected sex, as a few women on here will probably tell you. Make sure you don't have sex until you've both finished treatment otherwise you'll re-infect each other. And have safe sex! Otherwise infertility could be the least of your worries! Xx
  • the reason they did all the tests was because i have a cyst on the inside of my uterus that popped and i was in so much pain.... and i know i didnt get it from him he was tested right before we got together and i made a mistake with this guy right before i met my boyfriend and i trust him.... and there were no symptoms 

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