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Hello everyone I am new to the forum after reading a few threads decided everyone seems really friendly and supportive so I thought I would join if that's ok, my oh has decided we can try ( I have wanted to for a year but he wasn't keen) and I came off cerazette a week ago had a wb next day and it hasn't stopped yet more like af but who knows, I am already blessed with 9 year old dd and 3 year old ds but desperately want another. I didn't realise cerazette can be a problem for some but after reading some negative threads I am terrified I will not fall for ages, gutted wish I had been on something else but dr put me on it because cilest made my migraines worse, Anyway would be really nice to chat with other lovely ladies ttc at the mo Andrea xxx


  • Hello!!!! I'm 13 weeks pregnant, unplanned (very happy about it though) I was taking cerezette for about 3 years, I missed 3 days and had unprotected sex, and am now pregnant as a result!!
  • Hi Andrea28 and welcome, I was on cerazette and had no problems when I came off it, although I didn't realise you were supposed to finish the pack first before ttc, ( I forgot to take them away with me on a girlie weekend and just decided it was the right time to ttc)   I didn't have any wb and my af showed up 48 days later which I was told is quite normal.  good luck and hope you get your bfp very soon xx
  • Oh wow sid89 congratulations that is awesome for you, and nice to hear a positive story about cerazette! Because I don't know whether what I am having is wb or af we are just going to start bding everyday and hope for the best, with my dd and ds I fell really easily first month of trying with both but I wasn't on cerazette then so hoping it won't take too long this time!

    Andrea xx
  • Thankyou carioke I didn't know you had to finish pack either think I had about 6 tabs left, if what I'm having is wb I'm hoping my af comes soon so I can start charting

    Andrea xx
  • Just to add Andrea, my periods have been quite regular ever since averaging on 30 days, although we've not had any luck yet!! been ttc for a year now but I am 40 so that is prob why!


  • Thank you!!! And good luck to you too!!! I'm sure it will be absolutely fine image try not to worry!!
  • Thankyou sid89, and carioke that is reassuring to hear about your af's, will this be your first? really hope we both have a bfp soon!!!!

    Andrea xx
  • Yes my first, massive shock but so pleased about it image my friend was trying for over a year, and the one month where they just relaxed and didn't try too hard she became pregnant!!!
  • I know a few couples that said when they relaxed they fell, and I was thinking we would just be relaxed about it no charting just going with the flow, but now I have read horror stories about cerazette I am constantly thinking about it and will be charting to make sure we are bding at the right time

    Andrea xx
  • Hi Andrea, I came off cerazette in July and conceived without really trying in august (we planned to start actively trying from Sept and meanwhile if it happened then great). Unfortunately I had an ectopic pregnancy but no-one at hospital has suggested it was linked to having been off pill for only 2 months. I conceived my little boy 5 weeks after stopping cilest. I wish you lots of luck on your ttc journey x
  • Thankyou loulou thats reasuring but sorry you had an ectopic must have been awful but congrats on new bump when are you due?

    Andrea xx
  • I have an 8 year old boy who was a wonderful accident and my hubby has two boys from a previous marriage but I decided I wanted another but the time wasn't right sooner although now I'm wishing I'd have just come off the pill ages ago and gone with the flow rather than waiting for the right time!


  • Hi ladies, is it too late to join? I am new to the site and decided to join because I was getting tired of goggling all my questions and concerns and getting old responses. DH and I are NTNP right now. We were really ttc during the summer and Sept and decided we would just go with the flow. Testing on November 29.

  • Hello folks, nice to 'meet' you all. Andrea sorry my response wasn't v clear. My little boy is 15 months we're trying for number 2. Just waiting for my hormone levels to get to zero following ectopic. Ectopic happened almost 2 months ago and has resolved itself so far so no surgery etc thankfully. I have another blood test next week so fingers crossed.

  • Loulou, Ahh I see, I didn't know ectopics could resolve themselves That's good you didn't need surgery I will cross my fingers for your blood test!!! I just hope I start oving soon, did you have a withdrawel bleed when you came off cerazette mine is now 6 days long!!!

    Andrea xx
  • Mummee3, welcome!!! of course you can join in I'm new too, good luck hope you get your bfp on the 29th

    Andrea xxx
  • Thanks Andrea, ok ladies maybe you all can help me, I posted this on another thread but didn't get a response, maybe I didn't do it right idk. But I am really confused about what is going on with my body. AF came October 29, while me and DH were doing the do. It stopped on the 3rd and we did it again. Had light brown discharge for a couple days. On Monday the 11th I was having really bad cramps and a little icky stomach feeling, like AF pains. Went to the bathroom and noticed cmd with a little streak of blood. Went again to the bathroom and still had discharge but real thick this time. Thought ok maybe I am about to ovulate so me and DH bd. Woke up Wednesday the 14 th EWCMD, took OT and negative. Ok a little confused, went to the bathroom throughout the day and still cmd sometimes with a pink tint. Me and DH bd again last night but got interrupted so he had to pull out right when it was time to let it flow, sorry tmi. Woke up this morning and dry as ever. Please help!!!! What is going on? BTW have regular monthly cycles and 31-35 cd

  • I don't understand your post lol
  • Oh, sorry well I guess I am just confused about the issues that was going on with my body, didn't know if maybe there was a possibility that I could have gotten pregenant when we did something the day my cycle came or the day it ended. I say that because I was confused about all the discharge and cramping I was having. Then when I tested to see if I was ovulating and it showed no. So i am confused about what was going on inside why so much cmd, the blood strek, the pinkish tint, the cramps etc.... Idk just wanted to get other opinions about what maybe going on.


  • Hi mummee3 maybe the ovt was wrong? And you were actually oving, I think it's unlikely you would have conceived whilst on your af but you never know give it 2 weeks and test, fingers crossed for a bfp!!!

    Andrea xx
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