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So i've started charting again this month (did chart with last pregnancy too) and my temperatures are ridiculously low!!!! This morning I got 35.7!!!! The highest i've had is 36.7 and that was CD1 - my temp seems to be getting lower and lower each day. I am really quite worried about it - i've not got my charts from last time but I know that they were pretty much average.

Any ideas???


  • dont know much about it unfortunately, but just had a quick look online and found this: 

    Ann-Marie x

  • I've read that it's not the temp that's important but the actually pattern over the month!

    I've also charted this month and it just drives you crazy anylizing every little detail.

    good luck xx

  • Thanks ladies!! I do feel better - spoke to some others who have low BBT too. Think it only worried me becuase it was so much lower than last time. I won't be charting next month - I just want the reassurance that I am ovulating!! 

    Due OV roughly a week today! 


  • I first found charting confusing, but the fertility friend app does it all for you and adds the lines to show peak temp and ovulation for you as you put you temperature in daily saves all the puzzling. One month my peak at ovulation was only 35.80 so still low but there x
  • yeah i am using fertility friend micromonkey. Not used it befor e- just made my own chart last time. 

    Good to know i'm not abnormal for having a low bbt lol!!

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