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Confused about opks

Has anyone experienced having pos opk but no smiley on cb digital. The two lines were definitely same colour x


  • Ye I have, I had positives on tescos ov test or so I thought but after 8 days I did a cbd ov test n no smiley face. I found out that its so hard to tell which line was stronger n that they were just highs n not positives. I just stick to cbd ones now so I don't get my hopes up they are more accurate.

    Good luck n I hoe you get your bfp soon xx
  • Thanks for reply just so confusing, i much prefer CB digi ones but as my cycles are a bit all over the place i use cheapys as a guide before using a cb one (too expensive otherwse) don't remeber them being so expensive last time but then it was 4 years ago. I am on month 6 and 1st time its been a positive looking test then be actual negative on cb grrr x x x

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