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help please!

hi all, i need some help/advice before i drive myself crazy. Basically im convinced im pregnant test says no but i think i want a baby so much its all in my head. 

the story starts with this... 

Im on the Depo injection have never had a period. after my last depo 30th october. i had a period starting on the 2nd November. this freaked me out completely as havnt had a single spot of blood since starting depo a year ago. Since then i didnt give it much thought but i feel very peculiliar and have alot of pregnancy symptoms.. i am paranoid my Depo was a duff and i am not covered, If i am i will be overjoyed as i do want another child.

Have tested and got a negative result but in theory if i am would be 3.5 weeks Maximum so maybe it wouldnt show. 

Some one please give me some advice to shake this feeling i know i need to wait another couple of weeks to get a definate answer  but its driving me round the bend! 



  • hi 

    It may be worth goin to the doctors and explaining your situation. with being on the injection you may not have another period so cannot be sure if youve missed it or not.

    The docs can do a blood pregnancy test which can show a pregnancy about 5 days before a pee stick I think.

    At least you'd be happy if you were! it could be worse if you didnt want a baby.

    Good luck either way xxx

  • thats what i thought but if i can make myself wait another week or 2 when my period "should be due" then at least id be 4 or 5 weeks so it should deffo show on a pee stick!

    i think if i didnt want a baby so much the thought wouldnt of even crossed my mind and i wouldnt be worrying about it. thats why i think its all in my head. and ive convinced myself i am when its pretty likely that im not. 

  • Hello, fingers crossed for you image I don't want to put a dampner on things but my test showed positive about 1-2 weeks after conception, I think they're pretty accurate but your hormones might be all over the place because of the depot, it's hard to say!! I know most people say that the depot can affect your fertility up to 2 years after you stop having it, depending on the length of time you were on it!! Our bodies are funny things so anything could be happening!! I hope you get the result you want.
  • i think its completely normal to do so.

    me and my partner said we were going to start tryin at the end of next yr. since this was mentioned all i can think about is having a baby. we had unprotected sex last month twice near ovulation and i went all crazy haha

    i was straight on ebay bout 10 peg tests haha found myself peein everyday and say hoping for the 2 lines. i thought i seen em feintly but it was in my head!! i was trolling the internet to see if this could be wrong but then aunt flko came image

    have since spoken to my partner and were starting to try for a baby as of now.!! am soo happy but obsessed with concieving tips haha!!


    p.s were trying for number two. i have a little girl Paige Olivia who is 14months


  • i only used £land test. i know prob dosnt really matter, How can i stop feeling the way i feel and convincing myself i am.and symptom spotting!   i feel disappointed that i got a neg but we arnt trying for a baby it would be a pure fluke if i am. I need a way to get over it and forget about it as stressing out over it wont help nething or anyone!

  • i took my first test when i was 3wks and got a positive result so it would be unlikely to show a neg if you are as far as you think you could be. 

    if the depo was a dudd it is possible to get pregnant so soon. i came off the pill and got pregnant within 1 week (lucky i guess) but it can happen so only aunt flo or a pregnancy test can tell you for sure. xxx

  • Bare in mind the average time to conceive tends to be about a year!! The best thing to do its to try to relax!! My friend tried for over a year and the one month they both relaxed a bit she became pregnant!!
  • we arnt even trying tho. my first 2 children i was on the pill and fell within a week of stopping it with both of them. thats what im saying i dont think i fell before my depo then had a period so if i am i would only be like 2 weeks. I Just need to wait and be patient and try to forget. i think im finding all these symptoms just coz i want too rather than anything else. 

  • Whether or not you were trying is irrelevant really! You may just be experiencing hormonal changes due to coming off the depot, or you may be suffering from something else, if these problems persist then visit your gp x
  • well yeah if it was a duff depo then i suppose in theory i have come off it. not intentionally though. Will let u know in a couple of weeks. if i get a BFN then its deffo a no and im just being odd! x

  • bodies are so confusing. last month when i thought i was pregnant i was showing all the signs. queezy, heavy tummy, funny smells ect. i was certain that everyday when i did a test it would come back pos!! i think sometimes when u really hope you are it tricks your body into feeling pregnant. its a cruel thing to do to ourselves but i think the motherly instinct kicks in and we just cannot help it!! 

  • thats what i  think is happening khy! i know the chances of really being pg are soooooo slim. x image 

  • i completely know how your feelin. i knew my posibilities were slim but you still hope you managed to slip through the net haha!! well keep ya chin up. if your not maybe speak to your man and see if he fancies another image thats what i did and now were happily at it haha!

  • i was bad last week....i had myself convinced every pms symptom was different than normal.  veiny boobs, heavy feeling, indigestion every night, not the normal timeline for my parts to ache.  but then friday came and everything was as it always is.

    they keep saying it will come in time...

  • haha i dont know why we do it to ourselves! its a catch 22 the more you think the more you feel then the more you think! silly but true

  • hey Upsy Daisy hope all is well!! Any news?

  • tested this morning. BFN image kkinda disapointed but at least i can stop worrying now .x

  • Hi upsy_daisy, a break through bleed like that isn't unheard of. I had one whilst on the injection when I'd been having a very stressful time with family issues. We decided when my next one was due to come off as we were thinking about starting a family. It took about 14 months for my period to start and another year to concieve, but I'm 39 so age would have been a factor.

    Feeling as you do, it might be worth having a chat with your bloke to discuss contraception methods again?

    Good luck. X
  • aww sorry to hear that but at least your mind is at rest!! good luck for the future, never know, we might see you on here soon!! image


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