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i'm back

well this month we have really gone for it.  we ov'd i think sunday nigth and since my fourth miscarriage in may i've lost two and a half stone and been having some accupuncture and have progesterone pessaries ready.  i guess i'll know in a fortnight.......


  • Hi speccles, I ov on Sunday morning (know this for definite as I'm on fertility meds which control it). I'll join you in the 2ww!

    Can I ask about your weight loss? I've got a BMI of 31 although I have a healthy hourglass figure. I've been wondering if I need to try and lose weight before trying again and if it had anything to do with my mc - although my consultant doesn't seem to think so. Can I ask what your BMI was and what you've got it down to?

    Froggy x
  • It was about thirty five and I've got it down to 27. It's never been raised as an issue but I thought it can only help and my cycles have reduced from 35 to 31 days but this might be the acupuncture...good luck on

  • Nice to see you back speccles. I'm not on here quite so much but on cd1 today again image

    This is our 6th cycle and hoping or a Xmas BFP.

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