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Hello!!! I haven't been on here for so long but hubby and I have just started ttc baby number two and this site was so much help the first time around and I made so many friends who I am still in contact with so I've come back!! This is our first month of ttc and I am using the CBFM for the first time. I'm on CD18 and have had 6 highs so far but no peak yet - hubby and I have now BD 5 days in a row! I'm also using OPKs in the evenings and on Friday I got a darker line than I've had before but still not as dark as the test line but yesterday and Saturday the line was very faint again, who knows what's going on! Since coming off the pill in July I've had long cycles, between 32 and 36 days so I expected ovulation to be later than average. How are others getting on with the CBFM? I didn't use it the first time around. xx


  • Hey,


    I am TTC as well. since i came of the pill my first period took 35 days and it was hard for me to calculate my ovulation date....when is your ovulation date usually? is it around 15 days?

  • Hello Happy-Mrs-S image Nice to see you here!!! 

    I know nothing of the CBFM just wanted to say hi haha!

  • Hi tiida2007! I've never actually used OPKs or anything to find out when I ovulate before!! I was on the pill for years and when u came off in 2009 to ttc I didn't have a proper AF before getting pregnant 5 months later! This time though when I came off the pill in July I did notice that I got AF type cramps but milder and AF then arrived a couple of weeks later and I now know this must've been ovulation as I've got the same now. So, sorry for the ramble but in answer to your question I do think I ovulate late due to the long cycles! I've had EWCM for the last two days and the line on the CBFM was almost (but not quite!) as dark as the control line so I'm REALLY hoping I get a peak tomorrow (CD22!). Good luck with ttc, I hope you get an early Christmas present (and me too!!) xx

    Haha, hi Snugglenushimage Nice to see a familiar face! xx
  • thanks sooo much for your response, i did a test yesterday (furst response) and its positive!!!!!! i think i ovulated on day 15, my last period was a 35 day cycle - im soo excited....any advice on what i should do now?

  • Ah wow, congratulations!!!!! I made a GP appointment when I got my BFP last time and she asked for a urine sample and referred me to the midwife. How exciting! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy image x
  • Thanks Happy-Mrs-S!!!

    I have an ultrasound scheduled for December 6th to confirm everything....image

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