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Need a little advice please..

HI Ladies, 
New to here so please bare with me image
So, i've been with my OH for 4 years in May and we have just recentley become an Auntie and Uncle. Absolutely love the little man to pieces. But im sure some of you know what it's like when you are broody!
We had a miscarriage very very early on in our relationship, and it was terrible. I wasnt very far gone, but still...that was our baby image 
Anyway, we talked about it last year and he wasn't very keen on the idea of trying. Safe to say it broke my heart.
Now since our nephew has arrived he seems more keen on the idea. It's not so scary anymore!

Here is where i need the advice. I want to have a break from my pill. I would love a september baby (like myself lol) We have discussed it, and if anything were to happen,  it wouldnt be a bad thing image
I've currently got the painters and decoraters in, so do i not take my pill after this month or take my pill and stop on 1st Jan (which is when i told my partner i would be stopping)

Sorry for babbling. I find it easier talking to people i don't know about things like this. 
BTw, i'm 22 and my parnter is 24

Thanks In Advance


  • i think stop your pill now as it might take a while for your body to get back to normal.  Even if you concieve on your first try it would still be a September baby i think so i dont see the difference between now and january.

  • Hiya welcome, you might be cutting it tight, if u stop pill mid december if I happened straight away and you were pg by mid January your baby would probably not be born until October as your 40 week pregnancy would go on after September, so really you need to be a couple of weeks pg now to have September baby! Did u stop your pillbox?
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