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My nipples are sore and I was wondering if this was a pregnancy sign. I have never had sore nipples before just sore boobs and they are not sore. I should be getting my period tomorrow but i have no signs that i get when it's on the way. I usually can tell when its coming and it's usually never late. Please help, my husband and myself have been trying to conceive for a long time now and haven't been able to conceive. We are hoping this is a sign! Any comments would be welcomed!


  • it was the very first sign of my first pregnancy and from that I knew - this time round I don't have sore nipples so every pregnancy is different.  Best get yourself a home pregnancy test and see what it says, easiest way to know.  And for the best/clearest result, get yourself a clear blue digital image

    good luck 

    Ann-Marie x

  • how long should I wait to take a pregnacy test? I am one day past when I was suppose to get my period?

  • I would leave it a few more days - I normally test when I'm 5-7 days late.  1st time I got a very clear positive, this time round not so clear and ended up buying a digital clear blue as I wasnt sure.

    let us know how you get on image


  • Sore nipples was my first (and practically only!) symptom when I was pregnant! If you are past when your period was due you can test any time! Good luck!

  • I am 4 days past when I'm suppose to get my period and no sign of it yet. I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative! Whats going on? my boobs are still sore including my nipples and I still have a hard time falling asleep at night. Is it still to early? December is almost over and if I don't get my period soon, i would go the whole month without it! Any ideas on whats going on??

  • Pregnancy tests detect hormone levels in your wee to determine if you're pregnant, alas everyone builds this hormone at a different rate (I didn't get positive results until 6-8wks pregnant both times).  If you are only 4 days overdue you would roughly be 4-5wks into term and waiting another week (3-4days even) to test could see you get a different result.  Best wishes.

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