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Positive and negative tests

Hello all! I took an hpt last week and received a faint positive, I called my doctor and she said that normally of there is a line that means you're pregnant even if it's faint, she told me to come in for a test. The blood test came out negative, I have taken 4 HPTs since and all negative. I have been having several pregnancy symptoms, fatigue, nausea, cramping, mood swings. Could I still be pregnant??? Also, I have always been very irregular do it makes it difficult. Need advice!!??


  • Aw hun this happened to me once month - and was quickly followed by AF. You can't have a false positive but perhaps you tested v early and actually had a v early miscarriage? I am not sure what happened with me but I had 2 faint positives and then came on my period. 

    Fingers crossed that you are still pregnant though.


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