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Pregnancy Symptoms?

Recently my partner & I decided that we would try for a baby. Nov 22nd I had what I thought was my period, it was very light, pinkish brown blood that lasted for around 3days. My periods are irregular so tracking ovulation & when i'm due on next is difficult. Around Dec 16 - 19 I got random headaches & dizzyness that stopped after a few days and instead I randomly became nauseous, never actual vomitting. Since then I've had abdominal cramping, my breasts feel heavy and my nipples especially the right one are so sore, increase in vaginal secretions, I feel exhausted but no matter how hard I try I find I don't fall asleep until 4am & I wake up about 10am. I'm under a significant amount of stress atm & I'm unsure if that could be the cause. Is it too early to take a test? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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