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when is the best time to have baby number 2?

hi ladies,i used this site when i was trying & having my 1st.i was very grateful for everyones daughter is now 18 months old.i was thinking of coming off the pill when my daughter is nearly 2 & a half @ the end of this year (nov 2013that would mean she will b 3 or 3 & a half.when is the best time? is there a right age gap? my daughters a good girl & i hope it pays off if we have baby number 2 & theres no jealousy.many thanks for reading this.kimbo86


  • Hi Kimbo,

    There's no right nor wrong age gap, it's down to personal preference.  I have 21mths between my girls which I love as they are growing up together, sharing toys and are not too distant in age to enjoy playing together.

    My sister has a 7yr gap between her daughter and son which she loves because her daughter was old enough to understand what was happening during the pregnancy and able to better help out in the preparations for baby and helping out in those early days by fetching things, helping with feeding or changing baby, holding baby.

    Do what feels right for your family and bear in mind that even when you start TTC you could be lucky with an immediate BFP but you could just as easily be kept waiting for it.  Best wishes and good luck.

  • Hi there. I'm thinking the same and cannot decide what to do. My daughter is now 2, and i hoped i would have either had another by now or a least have one on the way. But we put it off coz i was waiting for a job interview - that i never got!! I really wish i had just gone for it and not waited. Now our circumstances have changed and my husband is not well and has been out of work for a few months. Part of me wants to go for it because there is never going to be a right time then the sensible side of me wants to wait. Arrrrr!

  • I agree with Kazzie - although I should take my own advice!    My son is 16 months and we are thinking of ttc when he is at least 21 months.  It would end up being a 2 and a 1/2 year gap +.  I had originally hoped for closer to 3 years but think it might take us a bit of time and my mindset has changed.   It is what is right for you and probably ends up being a balance of your desire for another, 'biological clock', the practicality of your situation (help available, money, home, job, maternity leave etc) and impact on your first child. Kazzie makes a good point though about time to conceive - some are lucky both times, some wait a while both times and for others its a mix.     I think personally a lot of it is down to impact on my son and enjoying him enough before i give up my time with just him.   Love to know what you decide x
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