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We took a test this afternoon and i had a very very faint second line.... did another test this evening but only 1 line.. negative? Am i pregnant or not image xx


  • Could be too early yet as your second wee may have been too weak to pick up, I would test again in a couple of days, first thing in the morning though.

    When is AF due?
  • Was due yesterday, i was going to wait to the morning but i got too excited and now im not image xx

  • Deffo first thing wee is the best. I had similar with my first pg, faint live in first test. Because I could not wait till next morning I had one drink of water and did not go to the loo for about 5 hours to concentrate my urine, it totally worked as I tested again, my wee was a shocking colour (sorry tmi) but got a darker line!

    Good luck and let us know

  • Hi MummyCarr,

    The earlier test would be more accurate as eating/drinking affects your wee concentration.  Most tests recommend testing first thing in morn as your wee is unaffected by your eating/drinking at this point meaning it is more concentrated and your hormone level is clearer.  Best wishes and good luck.

  • i did another test this afternoon as used my last one and OH had to go out and get one but i couldnt hold my wee in so had to go! very very faint line... fainter than before?? x

  • Sounds like a morning wee is in order, but, also sounds like there might be bfp waiting for you! Good luck and be sure to let us know!

  • eek i dont want to get to excited incase its nothing.. i got abit worried thinking maybe a faint line and then my 2nd was an even fainter line maybe levels were dropping. image

    Will defo do a test in the morning! Thankyou for being so supportive. image


  • Looking out for your update... Lots of luck. Xxxxx
  • ok did a test this morning but i think i filled the wee to much over the max bit.. said negative... could it of effected it!!!! How hard is it to do a flaming test! it was my last one too! image xxx

  • Sadly yes too much or too little wee will affect your result (it's not as easy as they make it sound and can be easier weeing into a cup & dipping the stick).  You can always ask your GP to test your wee or your blood for hormone levels (which is a lot cheaper than buying all those HPTs)

  • ok after all these tests there saying negative image

    im so confused...still no AF image

  • another test today. Extreamly faint pos. if no AF by monday im going to go to the DR's to see what on earth is going on image

  • It sounds like you're pregnant but your HCG levels are taking time to build.  I had to be 2wks overdue AF with both my girls before I got BFP instead of BFN, sometimes it can take even longer (my sister only got a faint BFP with my nephew at 12wks.

    Make the Dr's appt.  Tell them you think you've had a positive test result but aren't sure and could they double check for you (they'll either test a wee sample or blood sample for hormones to confirm) and go from there.  Best wishes

  • Thankyou for keeping some of my hope alive image

    Ive just all of a sudden began feeling dead weak tired and got a headache image

    I hate this image

  • Ok so heres an update (TMI). Last night i felt terrible and had to go to bed. Woke up this morning with cramp like period cramp. Went to the toilet when i wiped had browny blood on tissue each time i wiped. Wasnt sure if it was AF, put on a pad this afternoon (didnt have any in and had to make do with tissue this morn! was pinky brown on that) and just been to the toilet again with just a bit of pinky blood on pad and when i wipe.. normally my periods are dead heavy. Could i of been pregnant and babys away or could it be spotting or could it just be a light period. Sorry for being a nuisance. x

  • Mummmycar it could be implantation bleeding or sometimes you can have a very light period right at the beginning because you don't have enough hormone for your body to stop your periods, I guess the only thing to do is wait it out, it will either turn into AF or will stop, do your periods ever start like this?
  • My periods never ever start like this normally get sore tum in the morning need to go to the toilet then start a heavy bleed for about 3days then the bleed calms down but this morning had cramp needed toilet like usual but only brown blood then only abit more during the day. Thankyou for your imput... this has got to be the worse wait ever!!! image x

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