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newbie needing advice pretty please

hi ladies, id really like some advice if possible please. my husband and i have not exactly been actively trying, but not not trying if that makes sense. ive been tracking my ovulation for a couple of months. think we got caught out on one of my fertile days this month. i usually have a fairly regular cycle certainly within a couple of day from period due date, and dont suffer from any pms symptoms prior to my period.

8dpo this month i noticed some spotting it was only on that day and since then have had small on and off plus one tender breast on and off (not normal for me)

i did a test this morning and got bfn image. its still three days till im due on.

do u think theres still a chance. id really love to be but am loosing hope


  • you got a positive?

  • Lucia,, this is the first time I've seen you post since last week  when you were going to go to the doctors on Friday. How are you?


  • negative test two days ago. period due today but nothing. could i test tomorrow or should i wait a couple of days

  • Hi Jazzy2, I went on Friday at 5 weeks and they saw a gestational sack and yoke and everything looked "fine" (they can't really see any problems at this stage). I am going next Monday to hear a heartbeat - fingers crossed everything is ok. The spotting stopped fortunately. Nausea started to kick in along with terrible gas pains... tmi! LOL

    Dimples 29, I would test again in a couple of days. 



  • Oh Lucia I am so pleased! Please keep me updated! Does this mean you will be due in Sep? Embrace the sickness, a great sign your body is doing what should. Xxxxx
  • Dimples, sorry I have gate crashed your thread.... But would agree with the others, another test in a couple of days.

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