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Very very faint line... Am I pregnant?

Hi ladies...

So, I am on the Nexplanon implant, so not expecting to EVER be posting here whilst using it but hey ho...

I am in a long-distance, and have just returned from seeing my SO Jan 13th. Been having a lot of nausea, cramps, spotting, which I had originally put down to the implant, but am now starting to worry it is something else. I do not usually get spotting with the implant!! I now have backache, still nauseous, cramping, dizzy, sore breasts, spotting AGAIN (it disappeared for two weeks and now is back...)... 

I did an Asda own brand tonight, and received a very, very faint second line, and a strong control line. Appeared after a minute, and asked my mother for her experience eye, and she could see it too, so not sure it is an evap line... :S

Any thoughts would be greatly welcomed ladies!


  • wish i could help but only way to really know is to wait a few days and test again can you post a photo so we can have a look?

  • Hi, was the line dye coloured or clear, if dye then it looks like you are pregnant, if no colour then an evaporation line.
  • @Supersquish I am going to test again in a few days, I will put a photo up then for you to have a look


    @Lottieloulaa2 There was some colour to it, slight pinkish.

  • I have read recently that if it's a evap line it will have no colour, if it's a positive result line you it can only bring out the colour in the line if it picks up the hormone in your urine that you only produce if ou are pregnant.

    Let us know!
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