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implantation bleed with PCOS

Hi everyone, I am new in here. I hope I can get some help, because I am getting crazy. I have PCOS and I am taking metformin in past 6 years. I have a 9 years old son too, which I didn't have any problem conciving him and I didn't have any bleeding during pregnancy.

we were using condom as a contraceptive since my son born. my cycle is 35 days and majority of month its regular 35 day +/-2 days. maybe once or twice a year I get an irregular one.

Now. my last period was 26/12/12. we had unprotective test on 9th, 10th, 14th and 16th of January 2013 (all around 2:30 am)

around 17th I felt my breast getting slightly sore and big, it got bigger and more and more painful. 

my period was due 30/01/13 (today) but on sunday 27/1/13 i started brown discharge, only when I was wiping. 28/1/13 brown and red with lower tummy pain and back ache (dull pain). 29/1/13 more red with lots of clear CM with lower tummy pain. 30/01/13 red, pinkish blood with CM.

I pass this blood when I pass urine and when I whipe myself. very little on my pantilyner. normally my period is heavy for first few days and very sore but this bleeding doesn't have same symptoms and pain as my usual one. 

On  Mon 28/1/13 and Tue 29/01/13 I did HPT with FREPT and it was so faint that I think I am imagining it. today I test but there wasn't enough urine in the pot to cover whole tip and the result was extreemly faited pink (again I feel I am imagining it). I did the chip strips test bought from £shop, very faint positive but after 3 minutes suggested, almost around 10 minutes.

I want to know whats going on, it's dragging me down. I hate that my body and bood suddenly changed, my bleeding weird but what is the reason. we only had unprotected sex 4 time. I know people try for a while to get pregnant and if so why don't I get proper positive and what is this bleeding? it is driving me crazy. I am so down about it. please help and share your experience. in last few days I am glued to internet, trying to find an answer. Thanks, and lots of love xx

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