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Help with LH Surge

Hi everyone Looking for advice and help with regards o my LH Surge. After trying for a baby for the last 4 years and several appointments at the hospital, I was told I was unable to get pregnant due to my weight. I know at my next hospital appointment I will be told to lose weight and get my BMI down, before Clomid can be prescribed. I have heard some horror stories about clomid and then read about vitex and so have been taking 2000mg every day for the last month, along with taking my temperature and using a OV stick every day. At day 21 the OV stick tells me I have a LH Surge and so I drag my hubby upstairs (this was yesterday) out of interest I have done another OV stick this afternoon and there is no surge. What do I do now??? My temperature has Ben absolutely no help what so ever, 1 day it's really high and the next day very low, absolutely NO pattern at all Any advice or help would be appreciated xxxxxx
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