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Body builders use Clomid to add muscle mass. You can buy Clomid on ebay and other body building stores I believe Mr Beef Cake. I have double and double checked it its the same Clomid we use for fertility.. No point spending £40 on something you can get in a week from ebay for five to ten pounds. Thats how on previous threads our american friends where buying it Walmart. You can also buy cheap vitamins out pound land or asda. look up the ones you need for low sperm count get selenium £1.50 from asda.


  • i have polycystic ovaries and had 2 attend a fertility clinic and was put on clomid to bring on a bleed as i have not took a period in 6 years my consultant told me that i had 2 go bk for a scan after 10 days taking clomid as it could produce alot more eggs than usal and could make me have multi birth with twins or triplets etc and the babies could come out with a disability so i would def recomend u see a doctor b4 u take this .. i waitd my 10days after taking clomid and had no bleed doc was worried and took blood tests and i was pregnant i was shockd as i was told i would not be able to concive . im now 36 weeeks pregnant and waitn for her arival so i would def recomend u see some1 professional 1st hope it works out for u x

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