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TTC for 4 months now for baby #1

I'm trying to conceive for 4 months now and I'm feeling disappointed after each month x


  • I'm cd21 of month 6 ttc my first. I think I had expected to be pregnant by now but trying to stay relaxed. Better said than done though. Are you using opks MrsMB?

    Try not to stress too much. 4 months is still early, but I know it probably doesn't feel that way.

    Baby dust to you xx
  • Yes I'm using clearblue digital ones , yes feels so long . Yes we need to stay calm but i dont know what to do i try to stay calm last week i visited my gp i think she would check me or send me to obgyn but she said its completely fine ..Baby dust to you xxx
  • I'm using the cb digitals also. Got my smiley on thurs. dtd thurs, fri and sun. Had dtd every other day prior to my smiley. Just hoping we've done enough.

    We're also using conceive plus for the first time this month.

    10 days until testing and not sure how I'm going to take my mind off it!

  • Im using pregnancare conception i was suggested from my gp ,she said to me to babydance at least three times a week xx
  • Sounds like a good plan MrsMB. Hope to hear how you get on this cycle xx
  • Hopefully its good are u using pre natal vitamins ? Xx
  • Just folic acid for me and my husbands taking wellman conception tablets. Xx
  • Ok good luck xx
  • hey there I know how u feel I had my tubal reversal June 13 th 2014 been TTC since sept. Tracking ovulation taking vitamins .. Month after month I cry but like sobb every time my period comes.. so last month after  being a week late my period came I was mortifyed angry sad anxiety real bad. I know how u feel exactly.. This month I'm only a day late I have taken a test but results are neg.. I'm disappointed don't want my period to come I still have hope but i don't wan t to put my expectations to high.. I don't think I can take the torture.. I have relaxed a bit since last month.. Slowing down on my obsession. I really mean obsession i am painting the nursery like loony toons & Micky mouse but the babies ya know. Almost done with it it helps pass the time.. But I have a lot for my unborn baby that I haven't conceived yet..  This is the first baby we have ever planned second marriage. Jesus do I know how u feel all I can say sweet heart don't give up.. If ur religious pray.. Everyone tells me it will happen I hope so and soon..if not well I guess its always fun to try. Don't make it a chore.. Be spontaneous.. 

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