Implantation Bleeding started off light then got heavier

Hi everyone, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly 3 years now.  I just turned 30 last Nov, and this is the first time that I think that I might actually be pregnant...except...

to start off I had my period jan cycles are pretty regular...about 30 days.  I started spotting on feb 3 (a week before my period was due), right before I went to bed.  It was very light, pink when wiped, and dark red/brown when on the pantyliner...this continued for 2 days...on the 2nd night it got heavier and now I'm wearing a tampon.  I have made an appointment with my Dr for tomorrow...but like all of us here...I just can't wait that long...I have other symptoms too...fatigue, cramps, backaches, mettalic mouth, changed appetite...

With the bleeding...not only did it get heavier but I also have clots...does anyone know what's going on? and if you've experienced light spotting and then heavier flow later...could you tell me what your outcome was please?  Thank you!!



  • It sounds like it could be normal AF or a chem pg?  Did you do a hpt?  I would suggest not using a tampon until you know for sure though xx

  • I haven't taken a test yet, I wanted to wait until I was done bleeding.  I'm on my 4th day of "implantation bleeding" now and it's lighter.  The heavy bleeding only lasted one day.  I've already stopped using a tampong because it's not that bad anymore.  Thanks for your input...but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed... image

  • I am having the same symptoms. Husband and I have been trying about 2-3 year. I praying this is the real deal.
  • Hiya,

    I thought I had implantation, then it got heavier, ended up lasting 6 days so I went to see my doctor and it was a chemical pregnancy due to my leutral phase being too short as it was my first cycle since coming off the pill, but they say everyone is totally different! I knew a girl that had normal periods till she was 6 months pregnant! Finger crossed and baby dust xxxxxxx
  • Hello!  Hope it helps, I had bleeding April 25-28. Day 1 light, Day 2 heavy (pad needed), Day 3 medium (pad needed), Day 4 light.  Then NOTHING!  I could have SWORN I was pregnant and thought this was my period and that I had miscarried.  Well, had a internal ultrasound today.  Before the scan, I told them my LMP was April 25, which gives me a January 30th due date and makes me 9 weeks, 6 days pregnant.  Well, they measured the baby and everything.  Turns out, I am due January 22 and 11 weeks pregnant.  I looked at my Fertility Friend calender (I chart EVERYTHING), compared it to their information and from the looks of it, what I THOUGHT was my period looks to be implantation bleeding!  I would say wait two weeks then test if you experience what you think might be implantation bleeding.  I tested May 25th (a whole month AFTER what I THOUGHT was my period because I had no signs of AF) and got a VERY pregnant test.  So, I had been pregnant for a while.  I could have tested a little sooner I assume.  Your bleeding could very well be implantation bleeding and I hope that this gives you some hope.  God Bless!!!

  • Hi, 

    I have been bleeding for these three day, which is 2 weeks ahead of my period. (Sorry, I will be a bit 'vulgar'). The first day was brownish. I did HPT, and it was negative. The second day was still brownish and it got heavier that I needed a pad (to add to my stupidity, I jogged for around 1 mile on that day). I went to the doctor on the second day of my bleeding. She couldn't be sure of what's going on and gave me some medication to stop the bleeding. Getting home, I got some red spotting. Third day, when I woke up I got another red spotting and more brown discharge. I consulted with another doctor, and he said I was just having intermenstrual bleeding, to my dismay image. This is the fourth day. I only had brownish spotting, very light. 

    I do hope this is implantation bleeding, and wish a baby will come in my life. 

    But, the doctor told me that implantation bleeding occurs 3-7 days before your period is due. And, instead of light bleeding, I had light-heavy-lighter-light. So, I'm not sure, though I still keep my fingers crossed. 


  • Hi, I am 9dpo and started bleeding today. It's red blood and more than spotting. I need to wear a sanitary towel. my period is due in 5 days. I am really hoping this implantation bleeding. I have pregnancy symptoms up till now. Now I am very confused. Has anybody bled a lot but still got a positive test result? I have read lots of different things. Please help

  • Hi barneybear2 did you get a bfp afyour the red heavy bleading 

  • Hi guys...hope all are well...really need some advice....soooo confused.

    Had Mirena out after 7 yrs & no period in all that time, removed in feb and had 3 rd period about just under 2 wks ago...only last a few days not heavy but getting more regular..

    3 days ago I started with what can only be described as brownish end of period blood...hardly anything but today like very light bleeding stopping & starting...ive got an ovulation tracker on my phone and this started around time my ovulation should be at highest...which ive read some women get this brown bleeding around then...but who knows as periods re still slightly off...could it be implantation bleeding? real stomach ache like period pain...just bit of a wishy washy dodgy tummy feeling

    Im hoping to get pregnant but feel like im clutching at straws, im 36 no kids....would appreciate any advice 

  • had a 3day single embroy transfer. doing bloodctest tommorrow but had brown discharge today and light red bleeding. can it be implantation bleeding?

  • and my period musr only come in a week its 10dayscafter my transfer

  • Can anyone help me out plz. Me and my husband are ttc. I had sex on my ovulation date 27th July and the 3 days after it. I was due on on Sunday 11th August but I came on on Friday 9th July. Normally when I get my period I get really really Bad cramping pains and feel really hot and sick but this time I had none of it. N at first it was light then heavy for a few days. Now I came of yday I'm gettin cramps and I feel more tired then usual. N my boobs have been really sensitive lately and they normally aren't. Help plz I'm 23 non smoker or non drinker
  • My understanding is that if you get your period regularly but are spotting before your expected period there's a good chance it's implantation bleeding. If you have pregnancy symptoms or had a positive pregnancy test and the bleeding is getting heavier and turns into "fresh" blood (i.e. bright red) there's unfortunately a chance you are experiencing a "chemical pregnancy", or in other words, a very early miscarriage. 

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive using iui. The first cycle of iui didn't work. I had my second iui almost 2 weeks ago and was elated to have spotting and light cramps 10-11 dpo, but today on 13 dpo began heavy bleeding and cramping. My period is not due for 2 more days. My blood test is scheduled for tomorrow morning which I am thinking will be negative at this point.




  • Hi, could anyone help... Last night I had really bad cramps I then got up this morning went the toilet and there was like light brown\pinky discharge on the tissue (sorry for tmi) had my last period on the 23rd of august and am not due on again until 19th of sept. What acould this be? Could it be implantation bleeding? Thanks
  • My husband and I have been trying for a baby for close to a year now. My cycle has been a little irregular, going from 28days to 25/26 and was even 29 once. Was expecting my period on the 14.09.13, but nothing happened. Insated I felt really bloated, had cramps, my boobs were really swollen and nipples painful, I thought I was pregnant. But I spotted blood two days ago, the 17th, then it stopped. Yesterday, the bleeding returned - brownish and light. But toay it is heavier, and am using tampon now. 

    Could it be implantation bleeding or just a late period?

  • Hi All,

    Really need some info from you guys. My husband and I ahve been TTC for an year now. I have a normal cycle of 30 days and usually lasts about 5 days. We are very active around ovulation time. From last 2 months my periods are still spot on the right date but they are light on the first day. Heavier on the second day and then they are kind of gone. I dont get any bleeding which is red on the third day. But what I still observe is some brown spotting when I wipe. But nothing on the pad. Same thing happens on the fourth day.

    This month just before starting my periods I had link pinkish spotting when I wipe. It was very minimal though. I though that was implantation bleeding. But then on the right day, I got my Periods. It lasted only for 2 days and on the third day, again, they have gone away and I am getting brown spotting when I wipe. Spotting has reduced in days and now I am on my sixth day but still observe spotting 2-3 times in the day.

    I also feel low, tired, exhausted. Have some pain in my lower back and the legs.

    How do I interpret it? Am I pregnant or is it that I have been having miscarriage from last 2 months.

    I really need to know.

    Thanks for all those who can spare some time and give their opinion.


  • I need advice!! I wasn't due my period for another 5 days when I noticed some red rust colour in my discharge that night it got a little heavier but not my normal as if I had my period it was bright red and watery! It lasted two days! Had no cramps like I would during my period as I get really bad cramps! I've taken two tests which both came up negative! I'm just wonderingwhat I should do? Now I should be due my period in a little over a day but my breast's are huge and I'm so so tired threw up once! I really hope this is the real thing!! Been let down 11 times so far image
  • hi my period is late. last SUNDAY morning  i was surprised seeing a brown spot (dry and i thought it happen while im asleep) in my panty.and then TUESDAY morning it happen again but in yellow to brown color combined with pink still i ignore it but at night it happens again  brown in color it stop around 12 am but in the morning (WEDNESDAY)it happen again but now red in color and heavy flow.what does it means??can someone help me plsss.

  • hi i am taking a pill called clomiphene as i do not normally ovulate my first month on it i am due for my period in 3 to 7 days i had spotting after sex 4nights ago and it went away and then when i had sex the next night the same thing but also went away sex again the night after and after lost about 2 tablespoons of blood put a tampon in and in morning nothing was there then it was really light next day coming and going today i have cramping and it is medium to heavy could this be implantation bleeding when i ovulated on the 24th of october today being first of november so confused and dont know what to do???

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