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2ww and symptom spotters....


just wanted to hear the stories of those, like myself, who wish to read into every little sign and symptom during her 2ww!  



  • according to the fertility friends charting, i am on the right track.....?

    i hope that i'm not reading into it, but i guess i'll know in a week!

  • on the right track for what QnBee? i dont have long to wait now i hope!

  • according to my temping and post o symptoms, o actually happened.  i will know better when i talk to the doctor about my results.  if i have to do it again next month, then i'll know better, and have something to compare it to.  

    i hope it's the result you're looking for!

  • Well my boobs are sore now but they do get sore upto my period but I do hope it's not on it's way! I have also had a lot if wind sorry if its tmi lol but I read that could be a sign. It's as thou my nipples are tender too don't think I have ever had that before xx
  • I will join u but I am only on 1dpo so obviously no symptoms yet!
  • Welcome babypie how long you been TTC?
  • i am having very similar symptoms too, leanne.  i am 8dpo...

    and welcome, babypie.  i think that it's never too early to just be aware of what's going on, so do keep us informed!

  • Well today is CD30 I think my AF is due tomorrow but I'm not 100% sure but I will be testing tomorrow!

    I also feel quite bloated and I have gone for sometime now and I feel as though I'm going to the loo more often but I can do that anyway. But I guess ill soon find out. X
  • we are crossing our fingers for you, leanne!

    i am still having cramping, and some light-headedness at 9dpo...  my nipples (sorry, but i hate that word for some reason) feel bruised, too.  weird.  

  • yeah i have everything crossed at the moment!! i had alot of that too feeling very funny and light headed, could maybe be the clomid? yeah my nipples have felt like there cold all the time even when there not if you get what i mean? 

  • i get it.  i want to believe there is more to it, but having trouble doing it....guess i'm a little moody today.

  • leanne, did you do a test?  

    my symptoms - perceived or not - have almost entirely disappeared, so not sure what to think about that......

  • my AF started just as i was about to test, but im just glad it wasnt late it was the same as last month which is 30 days, so im going to take my clomid tomorrow. when you going to test?

  • i'm sorry it got you!  

    i'm going to test friday, likely.  it'll be cd27.  

    you doing okay?

  • Hi ladies, I'm new here as recently started ttc baby num 2. Thought I'd caught this month as had loads of symptoms exactly the same as when I fell with DD for about 6 days but then they all suddenly stopped & have had nothing for 3 days now. So gutted image . Lots of luck to those of you hoping for a BFP this month xxx
  • joining the group

  • hi to all!  i was tempted to test today, but i chickened out.  my online chart says that as of 11dpo 49% or so positives have come up....and some symptoms have returned, but not sure if it's pms or not.

    the frustrating part is that i don't know what my symptoms would be if i were pregnant! cannot even guess based on others in my family - as i know it's not genetic - and neither mother nor sister had much in the way of symptoms!  

    so lorna, are you out or can you still hold out hope?  i have heard that it's not always the same from one pregnancy to another......  welcome to all, as i find hearing others' stories very helpful, as i'm sure many do!

  • Hi Ladies! Baby dust o you all :0)

    Me & My Fiance have been trying for a while now, but ddue to the Depo Injection (came off this Oct 2011) had my irst period in Oct 2012 so tired every month since. Ive been monitoring ovulation with the dip atocks but this month decided to try Clear Blue Digital. Got my first ever smiley Face on sunday am tht alone was so exciting. only 3 days overdue but praying this month is my month :0) xxx
  • good luck to you dolly!  keep us up to date.

  • Leanne , we have been trying since July. I did get pregnant in September but had a 12 week mmc in December and have been trying ever since but its just not happening image we ready have two boys and we conceived both of them first month off the pill so I am finding it hard that its not happening image
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