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Hello ladies,

My husband and I are on cycle 4 of ttc and I have just purchased Conceive Plus as I've seen it mentioned on here a few times and thought that it can't hurt to try.

Does anyone have any thoughts on it? Tips of best time to use it? eg. ovulation day or the days before?? Any success stories after using it? xx


  • Ive just bought this too and will be using it this month so will let you know! x

  • We used this when ttc and I'm pregnant for third time (have toddler and also ham miscarriage/ectopic). Have conceived quickly all three times so would recommend though obviously can't say how big a part it playedimage.

    Good luck!
  • I had been trying for a baby for just over a year, then I bought and tried conceive+ for 2 cycles and fell pregnant image think I used it with ov sticks, so maybe a day or 2 once I got the positive ov stick xx. Good luck
  • Thank you. Ive got the ov sticks too. Just having to work out when to start using them as af came early last cycle. I got a smiley face at CD13 i think last time and im only on CD7 today. X
  • You can use the regular lubricant (in the flip top tube) on the days either side of ovulation, and/or on ovulation days use the applicators, applying 15mins before intercourse. This sends the Conceive Plus to the cervix, supporting sperm on its way - so to speak. Baby dust !

  • image hey tonight I have taken oov stick and got a bfp I also use Conceive Plus tube does anyone think this would increase by chance of pregnancy 

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