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Implantation bleeding?

Hi, I know you can't give me a definite yes or no but I hoped you could give me a maybe. I have been having brown/pink spotting which is very unusual for me. This started about 7 days after intercourse and a couple of days after I was probably ovulating and about 12 days before my period is due. Since I can't take a test for another 10 days, I am anxious. With this timing, is it possible I am experiencing implantation bleeding? If not, what else could be causing this? I am usually very regular and normal.


  • i didnt have implantation with my first pregnancy but had it this time round (im 5 weeks tomorrow). it started about a week after ov and was very random on/off spotting brown/pink. literally spotted for half a day and then nothing for 2 days, then again a bit and then nothing again. it lasted until the day before my period was due, so about a week in total.

    12 days before your period seems v early for implantation but its possible. it might be ov bleeding though. or it could be something else entirely. unfortunately youll just have to wait it out. fingers crossed.

  • Thank you so much for responding! I'm not positive about my Ov date because I use an app on my phone to calculate and I'm just going by what it says. Did you end up having a period or did the random bleeding just stop completely? Mine has been random off and on also.
  • my implantation bleeding experience was very mild and  later on then what you are experiencing.  Mine was just a small amount of brownish spotting when I wiped and it was around 10 dpo (I've been told that is late for implantation bleeding)

  • I know this post is a few weeks old but if you ladies don't mind me asking what exactly was it like? Only I had a miscarriage in Jan, had my first period on 8th march then on 21st I had blood when I wiped, it was mixed with cm and not as much as a period, I'd call it heavy spotting if that makes any sense. Obviously my periods are irregular after mc so I was wondering if I'd ovulated early and it was implantation??? Although I'm probably just ss
  • mine was browish mixed with cm....very very little of it.  It was there a couple times when I wiped in about a 4 hour span and that's it.

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