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How long TTc for number 2


I just wondered how long it took people to conceive your second baby compared with your first?

Was it quite random or in most cases is it faster/slower?

I imagine as we are all older on the 2nd it statistically would take a little longer but equally perhaps there is more of an understanding that it can take time so less stress.

Be interested to know your thoughts


  • Hi, we ttc our first within 4 months and we are still ttc second and we are currently on month 24. I am 31 and hubby is 32, we have just finished all our fertility tests and just waiting on results back. You will probably find that it will take a few months ttc no.2 Good Luck and I hope your stay in ttc is short image

  • Too long!!! I fell pg after 3 months with Oliver but this time I have been trying for 7 cycles with no success yet!!! X

    Am I right in thinking you may be making the decision to go for it? X
  • Our first wasn't planned but when we started TTC for number 2 it took 18 months, we had a casual attitude towards it and I didn't track when I was ovulating so it took a while. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks, when we started TTC again I used an online ovulation calendar and within a month I had bfp. Unfortunately ended in miscarriage at 10 weeks, now TTC again as of 2 weeks ago
  • It took nearly 1 year ttc my son. We are approaching 3 years ttc no2!! Never imagined it would take so long. Finally have been told I have low ovarian reserve at the age of 32.
  • I fell first time with both my first and second, so I was very lucky. X
  • My first was unplanned happened soon after I stopped taking the pill, I haven't gon back on the pill since having him (hes 21 months now) and hav been ttc no 2 for 2 months so far. Am hoping we get lucky this month, have not been charting temp/ ovulation but may try that nxt month if no luck! I am just 25 and hubby 24 x
  • We conceived my son in our first cycle and been trying for no2 15 months now. I did get pregnant in dec but unfortunately wasn't meant to be as I miscarried in January x
  • We fell pregnant on month 9 with our son. I have today just found out I'm pregnant with what will be our second, after 14 mnoths of trying.


    Good luck! 



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