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Charting help please x

Could someone please take a look at my chart and tell me I it looks like I've ovulated. I'm totally new to this charting business and haven't got a clue :-/


  • Totally forgot to put my link on haha!!

    My Ovulation Chart
  • hello.

    here's a link to my chart for this cycle.  it may give you a comparison, though my charting skills are nowhere near perfect.  i did have confirmation of ovulation last cycle, and by this chart, it looks as though i did this one too.  i just did my blood work today - saturday - so i haven't had it confirmed yet.

    can you get your doctor to do the cd21-22 progesterone test?  that, i'm told, is the best way to tell.  you said this was your first chart?  have you been temping in the morning before getting out of bed?  my doctor told me that the exact numbers are not important, it's the trend of the temperatures - down just before and through af and up after ovulation, where it will stay up if you are pregnant, or go back down for af.  

    so sorry if i'm telling you stuff you already know!  image

    my ovulation chart


  • It doesn't look like you've ovulated yet Kayleigh. FF will tell you when your temps rise sufficiently to confirm ovulation. My confirmation came 5 days after I had ovulated. I ovulated on CD 27 and had a 40 day cycle. How long are your cycles usually? x

  • Day 17 might have been an ovulation dip. It depends what happens to your temps over the next two days or so. Hang in there!!! xxx

  • Hi ladies, so sorry for the late reply! I've been temping by the book, however I do sleep with my mouth open and have read that this can affect readings?? My cycles range between 26-35 days with 31 days being the most frequent.

    Thanks so much for the help xx
  • QnBee have you tested yet? Your chart looks fab!! Xx
  • no, i haven't......i'm too afraid to!  

    particulary since in comparison to last month, it seems a little different.....

    my ovulation chart - update.  

    i'm a giant pansy now when i comes to test or not to test.


  • I'm a poas at 5dpo kind of lady ha! So are you going to test or just wait for AF?
  • as of this point, i'll wait, and if temp stays up through thursday, then i might test.  i'm afraid to, as i don't want to ruin my easter weekend!

    i'm frustrated with the charting today....

  • Good plan! Why are you frustrated?
  • it's just such an inexact science.  everything, or even some things, can be different and af will still come. so i've just had done with it for today.  i'll likely be back at it tomorrow.....hubby's actually asked me to, so i'll pretend for his sake.  image

  • Aww try to stay positive and keep me posted on how your getting on! X
  • i will, thank you.

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