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Very very faint line

Hi, I had a HSG few weeks ago, i have been trying for 2 years with 2 miscarraiges. I was expecting my period the 18th march 28 day cycle, so i took a test today.

It first came up void and chucked it in the bin, an hour later i went to the toilet and for some reason i checked it again, it showed a very very faint line. I asked my partner to check as my eyesight is awful and he could see it.

I now cant stop checking it and thinking its a line that was there before urinating on it, can that be? i have to look at certain angles in a room to see it but not sure if thats just my eyes.

I have to wait a few days to get tested again but cant sit still


  • [email protected] read the intruction of the test before u take a test, it said check it after 10min why are checking it after a hour. if its not positive after 5min then u must wait and test again wat u saw its avapolation line

  • I did something similar this morning, and I have just taken another test and the faint line was there again after 3 mins. So I would test again for sure!!
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