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Possible bfp!!!!!!!!

Ladies I need advice!! Right, last month I had a 42 day cycle (irregular due to not long coming off pill) then on the 16th march af appeared image was on a normal period for about 5 1/2 days which is abit shorter than I used to be on for. Last night I thought I would just do a test for the sake of it, and hey ho........ An extremely faint positive! Tried another test in te same urine sample and again another very faint positive! But, I don't understand due to my apparent af ending 6 days ago! Then this morning I did another test thinking it would work better with fmu..... But I think it was negative or very very very very faint positive! Then again tonight another faint positive, the same as last night! Iv been using the same brand tests, when iv tried another test its totally negative! So sorry for the essay I'm just very confused! And as most of us are totally obsessed and research everything I'm fearing the worst image Please help ladies!! Baby dust Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Any advice at all ladies it's driving me insane! Xxx
  • Just done another test with fmu this morning and bfp image what's going on? Could I be that early it can't be picked up properly? Could some of the tests I used be slightly more sensitive than others? Feel like crying here :,,( really don't know what's going on! Xxx
  • Hi demi, what a horrible situation. I haven't got much advice re the tests but I would go and see your gp for advice x Fc for you x
  • Thanks for the reply, I think iv come to terms with the fact it's probably a chemical pregnancy image and the bleeding that started on the 16th was me miscarrying very early image all pregnancy symptoms have gone and now no line at all on pregnancy tests image totally heartbroken image x
  • Aww demii, thats a horrid situation. There certainly is a big disparity in the sensitivity of tests, and  unless you have  held urine  for  a fair few hours it may be that  your levels were too low to pick up after the fmu.

    if you are pregnant the levels and so the line should be getting darker every  few days. I hope you get some resolution.   my chemical last month was  really gutting, but i decided to take it that after 19 years on the pill it meant that stuff was actually working. my OH decided that it  meant he just had to try even harder!!!



  • Well that's what I thought! I didn't have an af for three years so at least I know I'm ovulating now and everything seems to be working! But been getting pregnancy symptoms again tonight, but surprise surprise....... Bfn on frer image I'm just going to carry on as normal and hopefully April just might be my month! X
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